How Technology-driven Coding Can Change Students Future

Know how new technological trends as coding can develop students skills



Technology is constantly in the run for up-gradation to meet the requirements of the people. This process has posed many challenges to humans and advantages too. Every field has been undergoing tremendous changes with the help of technology. And so many institutions are emphasizing smart learning using practical methods. Coding is one such new trend that is encouraged by several institutions to equip the students better with skills like problem-solving, logical thinking, creativity, and computational sensibility. These skills can help students to cope with situations and problems easily.

The World Economic Forum estimates that nearly 65% of the students of primary education will create new sources of income and take up jobs that do not exist today at all. This is only possible with technological advancements. Introducing technology in the educational sector can benefit the students to think creatively, allowing them to have a better sense of the environment.


NEP-2020 steps towards Coding

The National Education Policy-2020 is going to add real value to the education system which is exceptional in its history till date. As apps and websites are used for many purposes, the need for digital tools and Artificial intelligence is gaining momentum. This creates opportunities for new coders. Students starting from 6th grade will be taught coding and made to experiment with new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Drone Aviation, STEM programs, and many more.


Coding and its benefits

Coding increases creativity as the student learns to build his or her own digital artwork. It can be designing their own graphics, animations, storytelling etc. Coding also requires students to solve problems that can help them in real life too. If the coding project is assigned to a team this can build confidence and empathy among the students. To code something requires great research skills, this way research temperament is also embedded into the students.

Coding is a unique tool that can turn students into innovators. This is one of the methods which can result in the overall development of the student with the help of technology. Most of the countries such as Estonia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland have already recognized coding as part of the schooling syllabus.


Changing trends in technology

Since the pandemic has forced people to shift to digital methods of communication, technology has played a major role in keeping people connected. This situation serves as an example of the need for technology in the near future. Due to its importance, technological sectors have been rising exponentially over the period during the pandemic.  The estimates show that more than 58million jobs would be created in the field of Artificial Intelligence alone in the coming days. With technological progress, it is also important to have technical professionals to safeguard the systems from all kinds of hackers.


Take away

Technology has no stop, it is on the constant run for new developments. The future belongs to those with great creative skills as technical parts would be handled by robots, automations, and Artificial Intelligence. Coding can benefit the students in all ways ranging from research to problem-solving, resulting in the overall development of their personality. Coding can open doors to new career opportunities as well! So it is important to make our younger generation smarter and capable enough to face future challenges.