How Quantzig Helped an E-Commerce Company to Enhance Their Clickthrough Rate By 120%


The e-commerce sector has always been a competitive industry and businesses to thrive in such a competitive landscape need to leverage advanced technologies. Practicing advanced analytics and data extraction techniques can be constructive for e-commerce firms to track and assess essential metrics related to their website’s performance. In this way, Clickthrough rate (CTR) is a digital marketing metric that measures the ratio of total impressions to clicks in search and display advertising, email marketing, and other online mediums.

For its CTR, a leading online retail firm seeks to provide the highest quality goods and services to its customers through its online channels.

Business Challenge

The client is a Netherlands-based leading e-commerce company that offers electronics, clothing, and fashion accessories. With its wide range of offerings, the company has been successful in maintaining a diverse customer base. But in the rapidly growing e-commerce space, it is often the small details that define business success while providing a winning edge over the peers. The client was also looking at leveraging solutions to offer more personalized and intent-driven shopping experiences for visitors across its website.

The client’s challenges spanned three core areas, including Diverse customer base; Unstructured customer data sets; and Inability to track and monitor key web metrics.

The Solution

Observing a positive outcome from their personalized campaigns, the e-commerce company approached Quantzig, a global analytics and advisory firm. Addressing the client’s challenges, Quantzig delivered a comprehensive three-pronged approach, clickstream analytics solutions, that leveraged sophisticated mathematical models and AI-powered algorithmic decision making to assess customer journeys and segment the end-users based on their usage patterns.

Quantzig’s clickstream analytics solutions enabled the client to identify key web analytics metrics and improve their online presence. Coupled with advanced data mining techniques, Clickstream analytics helped the e-commerce company to gain valuable insights into their customers’ visiting behavior and optimize the use of available data.

The Outcomes

Harnessing the power of Quantzig’s clickstream analytics, the e-commerce company gained a deeper understanding of their customer’s interests, preferences, and intent. This helped them create and deploy personalized experiences across its website to offer individualized messages and products to each customer. In turn, the client witnessed an 18% increase in conversion rates that was a remarkable 5x higher than the average conversion rate on the site.

Quantzig’s clickstream analytics solutions also empowered the client to achieve a 120% improvement in clickthrough rates on personalized homepage experiences; Offer a personalized shopping experience; Leverage intent-driven experiences across the entire website.