How Infosys Helped an Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer to Transform Its Supply Chain 

The automotive supply chain for automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) is one of the most complex systems in the world. As the automotive industry continues to rise, challenges also increase. Companies who perform within the industry have to make sure that their supply chain management system is functioning appropriately and that values are increasing as their customer base does. Now, while the production of electric vehicles is growing, all parts of the supply chain must advance. Suppliers are making new parts, automakers are working closely with those suppliers, and carriers are finding the best ways to transport electric car parts.

However, it is more significant to accomplish breakthrough performance through the digital transformation of the automotive supply chain as unprecedented transformation sweeping the automotive industry. With this augmentation in the the industry, an automotive original equipment manufacturer required to redefine its legacy applications.

The Business Challenges

A Japan-based automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wanted to re-engineer its legacy application for determining the price and configuring the model and accessories of vehicles in North America.

The client’s key challenges include:

  • Manual vehicle model setup in a mainframe sequential file lacked real-time data audit resulting in sub-par data governance and security
  • Manual pricing system for 500 models and 4,000 accessories lacked flexibility in pricing simulation

The Solutions

The automotive original equipment manufacturer found Infosys for its supply chain management. Infosys undertook multiple proofs-of-concept using service-oriented architecture (SOA) to detect blockages in the client’s legacy application. The company’s team simplified the business logic and devised a data governance framework ensuring only germane data was transmitted to downstream systems.

Infosys team, in the first phase, migrated over 34 years of data comprising more than 100 programs from an IMS to Oracle database. The team then undertook data migration of over 900 programs. The company used a diverse technology stack: REST services using AngularJS, Bootstrap, C#, .NET, SQL Server and OData Services.

Infosys’ modernization of pricing and product configuration application streamlined the client’s automotive supply chain.

The revamped pricing and product configuration application improved the productivity of the automotive original equipment manufacturer: Offered flexibility in pricing simulation; Enhanced mainframe screens with a responsive user interface.

The Outcomes

With the modernization of pricing and product configuration application from Infosys, the automotive original equipment manufacturer made real-time data available for downstream/upstream activities and Generated reports based on real-time data, ensuring timely and informed business decisions.