How HR Teams Can Help Revive Business Activity Post COVID-19 Lockdown?

Human Resources

The impact of COVID-19 on the world’s economies has been enormous. It has ragged everything that corporations and their millions of workers worldwide are facing right now in terms of salary cut and job loss. Besides this, the pandemic has changed the way businesses perform and drew new working norms, work from home. This will certainly transform employee behavior and the role of human resources (HR) will be more critical than ever at the time.

HR has always been played a significant role in the business world and has been impacting several key agendas that form part of the liable business mandate, such as Gender Diversity, Business Codes of Conduct against discrimination and harassment, and Labour Relations, among others. However, as 195 million full-time workers are set to lose their jobs by Q2 of 2020, the role of the HR team is likely to become imperative. They need to ensure smooth business operations by communicating with every employee and keeping them up to date with every business information.

The HR role is also likely to become prominent in the post-pandemic world as several unreliable news sources are disseminating bogus or unverified information about the pandemic online. That is heightening the sense of panic and fear among employees. Since workers have advised to work from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, human resources must care for employees and ensure they fit emotionally and mentally as well. This will also be a key focus area once the situation will shift to the new normal.

Moreover, HR department in an organization will need to work closely with administration and facilities teams to make sure deep sanitization, proper implementation of testing methodologies at entry and exit, installation of air purifiers and making office self-contained in terms of pantry and others, so that employees do not have to walk out office boundaries while at work. This can prevent them from getting exposed to the virus.

The team will also go hand in hand in implementing their organizations’ medical assistance policies that cover all facets of employees’ health, and their family members, making everyone to stay well in their everyday life. Keeping employee morale up through regular motivation and recognition has become indispensable than ever to make them productive amid the pandemic. In this way, virtual communication is ideally suited for that.

While crisis response has become a top priority for HR managers, according to the head of HR for ServiceNow Europe Sally Sourbron, ServiceNow’s response fell into three urgent areas: communication, remote work, and reporting. The company recently developed a global response team, led by the CIO, and created a set of channels for communication, tools for remote work, and daily reporting capabilities on infection, location, and information about work at home. These measures address some of the employees’ most pressing concerns while transitioning to a remote workplace.