How Fujitsu Helped Eletto to Advance Its Production Management

In a factory, Production Management typically refers to the application of management principles to the production function. It encompasses the application of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the production process. It also deals with decision-making in the production process, which results in goods and services are produced consistent with the quantitative specifications and demand schedule with minimum cost.

The need for efficient production in manufacturing is not only effective processing and raw material selection that tailored to clients’ needs but also the use of technology that can improve performance to the full capacity.

The Company Background

Eletto (Thailand) is a leading electric-power device manufacturer, making breaker, switch, and switch cases with 400 million capital investment. Located within more than 52,400 squaremetre in Rojana 2 Industrial Estate in Ayutthaya, the company is a subsidiary of Nitto Kogyo, Japan’s leading manufacturer that branches nation-wide in Japan and China.

The Challenge: Eletto Seeks to Enhance Its Production Management and Business Operations

Earlier, the operation administration was based on paperwork with manual data collecting. And not only did it waste paper and printing material, but it was also prone to have typo errors in data encoding. To solve this issue, Eletto was looking for a solution that can control the entire process of production, production procurement, material input, production lead-time estimation, and quality control.

The Solution: Eletto Found Fujitsu’s IT Solutions Apt for Its Requirements

Taking the part in offering appropriate services to its clients, Eletto implements several information communication technologies from Fujitsu System Business (Thailand) to enhance its management and operations. Eletto’s software solutions chosen has laid out in collaboration with Fujitsu. They joined hands to study the macro level of Eletto’s business operation as to come up with an accurate analysis of IT infrastructure for the highest efficiency.

Prones Software for Production Management

As in the early days, the operation department was based on paperwork with manual data collecting that was also prone to have typo errors in data encoding, Eletto deployed Prones software solution that controls the entire process of production control – client’s order in-take, production procurement, material input, production lead-time estimation, and quality control. The solution enables the production team to have an accurate calculation of timeline and resource uses efficiently while keeping the quality manufacturing that gratifies clients.

CompuPower for Human Resource Management

Eletto chooses CompuPower to manage its manpower due to its user-friendly interface operating on a graphics-based application, Thai-language support, multi-user network operation, and browser support. The solution fits the need of the company on staff profiling, attendance, salary/compensation database, offered benefit, and supporting future business expansion.

Nirvana’s Accounting System

As it supports the Thai language, Eletto’s Accounting Department leverages Nirvana accounting software. It integrates the Thai Revenue Department’s laws and regulations and the plant’s accounting system. Accounting administration, whether it is on taxation or banking, can work on time and summarise monthly accounting on the same standard as Nitto Kogyo’s plants worldwide.

The Outcome

After implementing Fujitsu’s IT solutions, it empowers Eletto to work on full capacity in many areas of management.

Prones software helps the company to run the production on-time and at the client’s requirements.

With Fujitsu’s solutions, Eletto also gained the ability to calculate raw-material usage accurately yielding efficient manufacturing and material stocking as per the actual production needs.