How Drones Can Help Ensure Security and Surveillance Capabilities

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) these days are rapidly transforming a large number of crucial tasks, from delivering pizzas or other products, and mapping lands and entire building to disease control and vacuuming up ocean waste. Drone technology has been utilized by several tech-savvy companies and defense organizations, making work processes easier and safer.

The commercial use of drones has exploded at an unprecedented rate over the last few years. The market of drones currently is predicted to reach from US$2 billion to US$127 billion by this year. As more companies seek to capitalize on the commercial use of drone technology, investment into the drone space will continue to rise.

Here are the ways drones can help ensure security and surveillance in order to manage risk mitigation efforts more efficiently.

Automating Inspection

Drone-based inspection and mapping enable mass data capture, while drone-based imaging captures the physical reality of any infrastructure or terrain. This results in 3D model creation that helps in inspecting and monitoring roofs, office floors and other high places. Integrating this 3D model to databases for inspection allows enterprise security teams to easily examine and monitor building roofs and places that are most used. Even they can directly inspect from the ground using drones.

Enabling Safety 

The applications of drones can typically get to a prison fight, an intruder and other potential problems faster than an officer can. It has the potential to analyze the risk so personnel know better how to retort. Drones also have the potential to assess images and make use of audio and video sensors to listen to external threats such as gunfire, explosions and the like. So, for such situations, it can be used as surveillance and counter-drone technologies. Several companies offer counter-unmanned aerial systems to spot and dodge external threats, including Anduril Industries’ Interceptor.

Safeguarding Remote Assets

Beyond delivering products to distant locations, drones can help in monitoring and securing far away land, machinery, or other remote assets. And by gleaning information from that, drones provide the ability to security teams to address the gaps and vulnerabilities that would not normally be seen. It also has the capability to monitor perimeters, parking lots, prisons, college campuses, stadiums and other outdoor venues. Thus, having advanced sensors and mega-pixels cameras in the sky, businesses can easily monitor and protect their remote assets.

Emergency Response

Drones are able to respond to emergency situations like natural disasters such as Hurricanes, Tsunami and other emergency circumstances by assessing damage and finding people who needed help. And these are all done by innovations in camera technology that have had significant impacts on the increasing use of drones. As UAVs outfitted with thermal imaging cameras, it provides emergency response teams with an ideal solution for recognizing victims that are difficult to find with the open eye.