How can Biotech Companies Retain More Women and End Gender Inequality?



Despite the rising number of female talent in areas like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, there is still a long way to go for companies to entirely eliminate gender inequality. Gender inequality is different for various sections of the tech sector, and quite rightly, these disparities are also extremely prominent in the biotech industry. There is a significant lack in the number of female leaders in the industry. Reportedly, only 30% of the executive positions and 20% of the board seats are filled by women. The specified numbers are not really a reflection of the capabilities of the women in the field, but it definitely shows how female employees in the tech industry are being sidelined, which is why more and more women are reluctant to retain their tech jobs. The biotech industry should definitely focus more on ending gender disparity and working towards retaining more women in the industry.


Why Women Employees Matter in the Biotech Industry

Unconscious gender bias is extremely prevalent, not just in the biotech industry, but in almost all global industries. It basically consists of unintentional and automatic mental associations based on societal stereotypes, traditions, norms, or cultures. These values are then reinforced into our daily lives, without any conscious realization. However, a woman’s participation in the workforce adds immense value to the economic and financial development of the company. Introducing more female workers in biotech companies will bring a balanced view to the existing solutions and services that the companies offer. Furthermore, it would also bring stability to the existing gender gap in the industry.

Equal opportunity and support are extremely important for women, especially those who are extremely conscious about balancing their careers and family life. But given the present circumstances, balancing both spheres of life has become quite difficult. These incidences clearly define that women are heavily underrepresented in science, engineering, and technology arenas.


How can biotech companies retain more female employees?

Reports have claimed that earlier, people who would pick out board members in biopharma companies, did not communicate efficiently with senior women in various positions. This indicates that when it comes to appointing female leaders, that very same small group of women fail to avail the opportunities offered by the company. However, recent developments claim that this barrier is slowly being dissolved as more women are gradually attempting to break down these barriers and attain senior and executive leadership positions in the industry.

Experts have denoted that there is a much greater focus on the importance of diversity and the delivery of world-class products and services. Women leaders are receiving several opportunities to make much progress toward the growth and development of the industry. Also, another important aspect is that furnishing women with the experience that will make them invaluable assets to the target audience.

Presently, the work that is being done by biotech leaders to improve female representation in the field is extremely important for the development of the industry. As the future develops, it can be expected that more empowered female leaders will join the forefront, acting as role models to thousands of other tech aspirants, both male and female. Futuristic biotech companies are already taking various measures to ensure equal opportunities are presented to all employees, irrespective of their genders. Working with female leaders is not only inspirational but will advance biotech to new heights.


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