How Breakthroughs in Technology Help the Aviation Industry



We were supposed to have flying cars by now, according to Back to the future. While it is unfortunate that we didn’t get flying cars, we did get some amazing technologies.

People are coming up with creative new tech every single day. It is amazing to think about where we are now in terms of technology. I mean, some time ago, doctors were keeping a person alive with a pig’s heart. How amazing is that?

When the Wright brothers said humans could fly, everyone laughed at them, but today we are flying. Airplanes are a great invention as is. People love airplanes. It was everyone’s dream to become a pilot–at least when they were a child. Even you might have the same dream as everyone. Just remember to get a degree. Enrolling in an online master’s for aerospace engineering is the first step in achieving your dream.

As said, we have far better technology now. The aviation industry is not an exception to the technology boom. The aerospace industry also benefited a lot from technologies, just like many other industries. But technological growth is not over yet. The aerospace industry is still growing technology-wise. In this blog, we will see some of the best technology in the aerospace industry.


Zero-Fuel Aircraft

Emission is a problem in all vehicles. Pollution is a huge problem for humans and other species. It is our responsibility to control this pollution problem since it can have grave effects. It is already having grave effects but still not done yet.

Automobile plays a major role in creating pollution. Major automobile brands are trying their best to control emissions. Aircraft also have the problem of emission, meaning it creates pollution too.

Airbus has announced they are going to introduce zero-emission aircraft by 2035. Many big names are trying to achieve this goal of zero-emission aircraft. They are all using their own way to achieve this. Airbus believes hydrogen fuel is the solution to the problem. They believe hydrogen fuel can be a perfect substitute for aircraft fuel.


Artificial Intelligence

Of course. Artificial intelligence is the tech that is revolutionalized every industry. AI is taking a lot of jobs from humans. So far, AI has taken full control of many monotonous jobs. It is set to take many more jobs.

Many are afraid of AI thinking that AI will take their job. Honestly, I see AI as a boon more than a bane. People could use AI to their benefit. If the job can be automated, it should be automated.

In the aerospace industry, AI can serve as a great assistant to pilots. It can prevent human errors and can make decisions in a short time for complex problems. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other such technologies, we can discover valuable data and use it to increase efficiency. It can even improve the fuel efficiency of an aircraft.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the most fun and creative inventions. Similar to virtual reality, augmented reality is also a lot of fun. The thing is, it is not only fun; it also gives us a lot of new things to learn.

Using virtual reality gives us a new perspective on everything. It makes us see a lot of things that we couldn’t see without the tech. In addition to that, virtual reality gives us a real-life experience of everything.

The same goes for the aerospace industry too. Students can use virtual reality to experience the driving of an airplane. It will be one of the best forms of education they can get. I mean, the only thing better than virtual reality is driving an airplane itself. For new pilots, using VR and AR could be a great exercise. It can be used to test them too, before using an actual plane.


Final Thoughts

Aircraft is a mind-blowing invention. We don’t talk about it much because we got used to flying. Now, flying is like just another day for us. But when you think about it, we are flying. It is not just another invention. Flying is not supposed to be normal, but it is. Thanks to technology. Aircraft is a great invention, but technology can improve it further. Many technologies are shaping the aerospace industry. This blog post just covered some of it. Read on to learn a lot more about technological advancement in the aerospace industry.


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