Hiretual Launches New Features to Help Employers Increase Diverse Representation in the Hiring Process



Hiretual, the #1 AI sourcing solution, improves its suite of diversity hiring features to help teams drive down time-to-hire and increase visibility of candidates from underrepresented groups.

Highly demanded by enterprise customers, Hiretual today announces the launch of new diversity hiring features for talent sourcing, workforce planning and recruitment performance reporting, which can be enabled by users. Recruiters can now conduct robust and detailed searches for candidates from underrepresented groups when accessing Hiretual’s AI Sourcing, Market Insights, Reports and Search ATS features.

Hiretual is the leading AI-powered Talent Data System used by over 700 businesses including close to 40 Fortune 500 enterprises. By analyzing public candidate information from a diverse talent pool of 115M+ profiles across 45+ open web platforms, recruiters can utilize the Hiretual platform to identify candidates from underrepresented groups with an accuracy of ∓85% by highlighting candidate names, pronouns, organizational membership, schools and languages.

With this update, recruiters can build specific searches through Hiretual for the following underrepresented groups: Woman, Veteran, Black or African American, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American. Hiring teams can use Hiretual filter search results to surface qualified candidates from one or more of these groups when sourcing for talent across the open web and within their own ATS. The filters can also be applied to build custom reports that narrow down on labor market trends for underrepresented candidates, including top job titles, average market value, the most dense geographic locations, top employers, top colleges and more.

Hiretual also released a Diversity Analytics reporting dashboard to give teams visibility of diverse representation in existing talent pipelines, how these candidates are being moved across hiring stages, engagement rates with candidates and more.

“By bringing together people of different backgrounds and experiences, we create exciting collisions of new conversations and innovation. From actively sourcing and nurturing candidates of underrepresented groups to measuring how diversity efforts are making a visible impact in the workplace, Hiretual helps recruiting teams worldwide lead organizational change,” says Xinwen Zhang, CTO and co-founder at Hiretual.

Hiretual provides built-in tools and functionalities to help employers comply with OFCCP, GDPR and CCPA guidelines when sourcing for diverse talent in our platform. Learn more about the full suite of Hiretual’s diversity sourcing features here.

About Hiretual

Hiretual is an AI-powered recruitment software that functions as a candidate data engine to centralize all recruiting efforts for hiring teams big and small. Hiretual integrates with 30+ Applicant Tracking Systems to drive real-time data synchronization and scalability in an organization’s tech stack. Experience fast and simple AI Sourcing across 750M+ profiles on the open web, build personalized engagement campaigns with extensive market insights and rediscover old profiles in your database with intelligent data enrichment. For more information, visit hiretual.com.

* Hiretual prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type with regard to any protected status or any other characteristic protected by U.S. federal, state or local laws and any applicable laws in other jurisdictions. Hiretual provides diversity hiring features at users’ request and election, and is not liable for any use of these features and any actions arising out of any use by targeting potential job candidates in a way that may discriminate, harass, disrespect, or invade a job candidate’s privacy.


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