Having Mood Swings! Conversational AI Will Catch your Sentiments

Conversational AI

Conversational AI

Uniphore introduced 1st conversational AI and automation platform to detect human emotions

Conversational AI is the combination of natural language processing with traditional software like chatbots, voice assistants, or an interactive voice recognition system to help customers through either a spoken or typed interface. It enables companies to automate highly personalized customer service resolutions at scale. This makes every interaction feel unique and relevant.

This is done through our Android’s Google Assistant or with our Apple’s Siri in our present scenario. This is where the technology of Conversational AI surfaces. This enables chatbots to interact with us in a way humans do. Conversational AI understands and participates in a contextual speech by NLP and other AI algorithms. It can help humans be better, complete tasks easier, and help them understand each other.


Uniphore is the first conversational AI:

Conversational AI startup, Uniphore is fostering an AI-powered tool to help humans understand and respond to human feelings. Conversations are happening all around us in various structures. But many conversations are not being heard. Uniphore working to fix that.

Uniphore is the first conversational AI and automation platform. And understand the intent across multiple languages to effectively engage and guide. Billions of conversational AI are occurring consistently however Uniphore has the only platform that combines computer vision, voice AI and tonal emotion to ensure that every voice is truly heard and understood.

This can drive real-time contextualized engagement with customers to increase customer satisfaction. And empower enterprise sellers with emotional intelligence to improve closure rates. Improve operational efficiency with workflow automation.

During a video call, this conversational artificial intelligence programming endeavors to decide if a potential customer is interested in what a sales professional has to say, notifying the sales professional in real-time if someone appears more or less engaged in a particular issue.

With conversational AI that permits automated, human-like association, it can personalize every communication. Uniphore Conversational AI understands sentiment and purpose and can comprehend many languages.

Natural language processing, computer vision, Q for Sales, emotion AI, speech recognition, and Uniphore’s product detect behavioral cues such as a person’s tone of the eye, voice, facial movements, and other nonverbal body language. SO, it will analyze the data to determine their emotional attitude. It may reveal the customer’s feelings and emotions at any stage throughout the sales interaction. It increases the emotional quotient and gives sales teams the contextual information they need to succeed.

The California-based startup has made another expansion to its Conversational AI stage. They have presented U-Assist In-Call, which utilizes Robotic Process Automation to help the clients in examining their clients’ tone, goals, and feelings. It will robotize call rundowns and orders, lessening specialists’ experience with manual after-call work. With ongoing voice record and man-made consciousness that predicts feelings and goals, it will give in-call notices and modify each client’s insight.

Conversational AI is affecting our lives whether we realize it or not. Conversational AI has made our life easier and it’s seeing a tremendous rise in the use of chatbots across the industrial area there is a belief that in the coming days.