Google Working on a New Image Translation Tool

Google is working on a New Image Translation Tool to easily translate text within images in Chrome

Intro: Google, the tech giant is working on a new feature for Chrome that will let users easily translate text within images. The chrome browser allows users to translate text for an entire page using the new image translation tool. This translation feature, however, doesn’t work to translate content from posters, banners, and other images.

Google Chrome, one of the most popular web browsers has a fast and accurate website translation engine, which makes it even easier to translate text within images. As per reports, the search engine may soon introduce a new feature that will allow users to detect the text within the image and translate them. The recent feature allows users to translate text within an image by using a Google lens. This information came from the Chrome feature researcher Leopeva64. The new image translation tool is not released even in Chrome Beta or Canary as it is still under development.

As per reports, with the new feature, users will likely be able to right-click any images that contain text from a foreign language and choose the “Image translate” option to translate it. The new feature has been spotted in the Chromium source code. The new translation option will appear in Chrome’s context menu after the rest of the text on the page will be translated by the browser. The feature allows one to translate the entire web page by tapping on the translate option available under the menu. Users can always translate images with a lens with just a few steps until Google adds this feature to a production version of Chrome. The step goes like this: First, right-click or long-press the image, then select “Search image with Google Lens” from the context menu. After that, switch over to the “Translate” tab, and then the user will be able to highlight text and choose a target language. In addition to this, it was reported that the tech giant is scrapping Chrome’s screenshot editing feature, after months of development.

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