Fresh Amplify Approach Aligns with WEF Report



The power of individual investors is driving fundamental change in the world of capital markets. According to a study done by the consulting firm Indepi, the institutional grip on investments is slipping and the number of retail investors is expected to control over 60% of the global assets under management by 2030.

This shift was also the topic of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) report The Future of Capital Markets: Democratization of Retail Investing—and is at the center of Fresh Amplify’s mission to remove the middlemen and connect companies directly with current and prospective investors.

The WEF report also pointed out that individual investors are less likely to receive investment advice through traditional paid services and advisors despite the volatility and complexities of these markets. This gap opens the door for innovative and progressive companies that leverage the Fresh platform to connect directly with customers to educate them about investment options while simultaneously improving their liquidity.

Unprecedented Investment Opportunities at Your Fingertips

Through its data-driven platform, Fresh Amplify allows its clients to stay connected with investors through technology. Customers can still use their brokers or investment firms of choice if they prefer, or they can engage directly with a company and see in real-time how their investment is performing, new opportunities that may be surfacing, and reach out directly to representatives of a company if they want to have deeper explanations or to gain exclusive insights from industry leaders.

Shareholder experience is a driving force behind investor interest levels and how a company can attract and retail customers. With the Fresh Capital Markets Management System, companies can measure shareholder interest and movements in the market to segment and target shareholders, as well as develop relevant strategies to build value and interest from the investment community.


Tools That Build Meaningful Connections

Members of an organization at all levels can reach out and engage with verified shareholders in two-way communication through the Fresh Amplify platform. Coupled with embedded annual reports and ASX announcements, this builds confidence and trust that will help prevent unexpected selloffs and increase overall investor demand.

The Investor Hub is also not your typical Investment Center. It is an interactive, customizable portal where written content, videos, and other resources and information can be shared.

In a recent equity campaign, more than 70 investor questions surfaced about the small-cap tech firm. $5.4 million was raised and investors said the interactive announcement greatly improved their understanding of the company—and these investors spread their enthusiasm to others, which essentially built viral interest in the investment.

If your current investor strategies are not generating the results you want, Fresh offers a series of playbooks to help you maximize shareholder demand.


The Results Speak for Themselves

Balancing the need to raise capital to grow a business with the importance of protecting investor value was the impetus for creating a digital platform that accomplishes both. The Fresh Capital Markets Management System is a proven way to unlock the potential of investor demand.


This dynamic, analytic tool was used in Australia to:

  • Raising $600 million in new capital
  • Identifying 6,500 s708s
  • Unlocking $350 million in capital
  • Supporting $1 billion market capital

If you are looking to improve your position and desirability in the eyes of sticky investors, it’s time to move beyond old-school tactics.

Fresh Amplify provides the means for responsibly connecting with modern investors and enabling long-term growth with reliable information and personalization of financial results and opportunities.


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