Four Apps That Can Help Manage Your Personal Finances



Managing personal finances is something that could be rather difficult to do efficiently and successfully. However, considering the overall difficult economic picture of today’s world, it is a must for everyone.

Whether the needs are for saving money and increasing the savings budget or just to check what the expenses are and if they are necessary, there are some apps that make the whole process of managing your personal finances easier.



Mint is a rather popular app that is available on both Android as well as iOS systems that helps you manage your personal finances overall. ‘Overall’ in this context means that this app allows you to set financial goals, create budgeting plans for your household, track your spending, and check subscription packages that you are subscribed to. All of this is done by simply linking your credit and debit cards to the app.

The app is free to use and is often cited as one of the best apps of its kind around the internet. Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store hold very positive reviews for this particular app, indicating that it does its job right.

The biggest drawback is the same one that plagues other free-to-use applications – ads. It could be somewhat annoying or distracting to check your finances, with ads popping up ever so often. It can be turned off by making a purchase of the pro version.



Plum has a couple of distinct features that make this app both a budgeting tool and an investment app. The budgeting part comes from the fact that it can import your bank records and credit/debit card spending data to create a clear picture of where you are spending most of your capital.

The investing part stems from the fact that you can invest in stocks and other similar options directly via the application without a need to create portfolios at, for example, your bank or in similar places. You can also invest in different funds or even help with the money for retirement.

It also has an automated savings system, which works in a unique yet very smart way. Each purchase is rounded up, and the excess goes into the so-called ‘Interest pocket.’ Money kept there grows due to interest. The percentage of interest you gain depends on the subscription plan that you have on this app.


Snoop Finance

Snoop Finance is a combination of a personal finances app and an app that helps you save by finding out possible discounts for your purchases.

It tracks the spending of your credit and debit cards, creating an analysis of where the money is spent and what spending can be stopped or at least made cheaper. By checking out your purchasing trends, it will check out whether or not there are discounts available on your purchases and alert you, helping you save some money this way.

Snoop Finance also notifies you about changes in your bills, such as increases and when the time is due to pay them. It helps you to look ahead into your economic future, and helps you make your finances better with savings and more rational decisions.



Not strictly a personal finance app or a budgeting app in a direct sense, but an app that can help you make smaller purchases (such as subscriptions) free.

Honeygain is a passive income application that provides you with a monetary reward for letting it make use of your unused internet bandwidth. All you need to do is create an account, install the application itself on any device that you have, and just keep the app running.

It works in the background without interrupting your work on entertainment in any way. It uses a credit system in which each 10 MB of shared bandwidth brings you 3 credits, and 1000 credits are the same as $1. You will need to reach $20 worth of credits to pay out using PayPal or a cryptocurrency called JumpToken.

The bandwidth you share is used for price aggregation, SEO checks, ad verification, and other similar use cases. Since no personal data is collected, this app is completely safe to use. It will not bring you a lot of money, but it should cover smaller expenses, meaning that you have more money to spend on other things.

To conclude, budgeting and helping your personal finance goals is not difficult anymore, with many apps available that make this process easier than ever.


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