Facebook Introduces “Privacy and Data Use Business Hub” to Curb Privacy and Data Breach Activities

Facebook has launched a new Privacy and Data Use Business Hub marking the celebration of Data Privacy Day. The hub will help businesses to develop an understanding of the ways to protect customer information.

Reportedly, the hub consists of detailed information of the affairs including advertisements, privacy principles and guidelines to help the organization understand GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which is an EU regulation on data protection and privacy.

Erin Egan, Chief Privacy Officer, Facebook, wrote in a blog-post – “We’re continuing to work throughout the year to improve the privacy controls we offer on Facebook and better communicate about how we protect people’s information.”

Further, Egan added – “In the coming months we will launch ‘Clear History’, a new control to let you see the information we get about your activity on other apps and websites and disconnect that information from your account.”

After the Data Breach scandal that blew away the minds of people last year, Facebook is progressively working on its privacy settings. Reportedly, Cambridge Analytica had yielded the personal data of 50 million Facebook profiles which led to people’s anger. The wrath of users took a hype when they countered the fact that Facebook had knowledge about the problem since 2015, but did nothing to prevent it. As a result, Facebook was fined $6,63,000 over the scandal. Post the controversy, the social networking tech giant keenly looked into the security measures and currently working on several steps to provide people with more transparency and control.

Additionally, Facebook will show users’ a reminder in the News Feed for two weeks that would invite them to take privacy check-up. The move imprints the celebration of Data Privacy Day.