Exploring new opportunities for business with AIOPs

Artificial intelligence for IT operations

Before jumping into what are the business opportunities that lie ahead for anyone who is investing to expand the digital aspects of their business, let us first look at what are AIOPs platforms and how do they work. And the answer lies in the name itself. Very similar to how legal experts, medical professionals, or business analysts use AI to harness the power of data and automated systems for analysing the data in their respective fields to streamline their work, AIOPs platforms do the same for IT professionals in their domains.

Firstly, these platforms enable the IT professionals to collect data from the systems on malfunctions, bugs, malware or routine maintenance or other similar functions. After collecting the data the AI system can use the data to come up with innovative ways to respond to these issues in real-time once the pattern of the data comes about. Being an AI system, the response process becomes gradually automated and requires very little manpower. In that sense, it can help cut the size of IT teams. 

Where does it lead us to?


This aspect brings us to the benefits of using AIOPs platforms in businesses. For a company with an existing IT team, the platforms can help reduce the team size and also make the operations more efficient. They can reduce the number of steps required between detection of a problem/need and ultimate action to remedy it from three to one, given it is an integrated system, capable of not only detecting but also responding to it in real-time. 

For a new or growing business that is looking to expanding its digital functions, this is a perfect opportunity for setting itself apart from the common crowd. In the sphere of IT monitoring and management, largely very little operational change has taken place, since its inception in the 90s. In that sense, for an emerging company using external AIOPs platforms for taking care of all your IT requirements will help keep your costs low from the beginning, and create effective and efficient decision making structures in this sphere based on objective data models, instead of expensive external consultation services. 

For an IT  service provider looking to enter the AIOPs market, this seems like a perfect opportunity, not only because as a service, its market potentials are still to be explored, and a lot more innovation is still to be done to explore opportunities to scale up, but also because of the unprecedented situation before us, – the lockdowns.  The lockdowns have forced or incentivised several companies operating at different scales to adopt more digital processes, catering either to the customers or the employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. In this situation, all businesses are looking for more cost-effective and efficient options. In that respect as an IT service provider, getting into the business of AIOPs seems like a very lucrative opportunity. In fact, through AIOPs Platforms a company can align their IT services more effectively with the needs of the companies.

 In that sense, AIOPs platforms can not only be a boon for the businesses looking to improve or adapt the quality of the IT monitoring and management services, but it will also provide various new opportunities for IT services providers, in the sphere of basic services, which till date used to be very cost incentive compared to other spheres which have seen greater degrees of automation.