Establishing a Routine That Works for Kids with ADHD

Establishing a Routine That Works for Kids with ADHD

Establishing a Routine That Works for Kids with ADHDChildren with ADHD Kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) require extra time and attention from parents. Dealing with your child’s ADHD symptoms can be challenging, even with treatment. These kids are more likely to act impulsively, but they can still learn the difference between proper and improper behavior. But developing a routine can aid your child in managing the symptoms and increasing their productivity.

Hence, we’ve compiled some routines that will assist your child and the rest of the family cope with ADHD.


Do Kids with ADHD Need Routines?

Individuals with ADHD or parents of children with ADHD could benefit much from establishing and sticking to a daily routine. Your kid will feel more at ease and secure knowing what to expect daily. Moreover, your child will benefit from having a consistent routine, which you can develop by setting and enforcing clear rules, responsibilities, and consequences.

Your child will be better able to navigate the world in a well-structured environment.

Creating sustainable routines calls for cooperation from the entire family. Typically, a child’s behavior patterns would be established in early childhood and remain constant until adulthood. Patience and persistence are the keys to achieving the routine that would work best in a family with a child with ADHD.

Although the specific routine you set for your child will depend on your own family’s conditions, there are some general guidelines you may follow to develop a routine that will be workable for your child.


Morning Routine

Never let the kids sleep past 7 A.M., but don’t be too harsh when waking them up. Do not barge in and yank the blankets off the bed. Setting the alarm is a good idea. Make sure to pick one without a jarring ring, though. Noise can be highly distressing for children with ADHD. Instead of a typical alarm clock, you can think about getting one that plays music.

You can give a small dose of your kid’s ADHD medication around half an hour before your child’s usual wake-up time. For example, if your kid’s regular medication is Vyvanse, instruct them to take the prescription early in the morning. This is the best time for the medication to take effect.

After taking it, let him rest for a while or sleep until it’s time to get up. If you’re concerned about Saving on Vyvanse, you can avail of coupons or join loyalty store programs for discounts.

Additionally, it is important to set a time-management morning routine for your child with ADHD if you want them to be ready for school, breakfast, or any morning activity on time. Put a ring on a phone as a reminder. You could even let them choose the tone. Give them a ring to signal that they have five minutes to complete one activity before moving on to the next.


Helping with House Chores

Convincing your child into household tasks is never easy, but they are essential for providing structure and improving self-esteem for children with ADHD. The most important thing you have to do is to prepare a checklist outlining everything they need to accomplish.

Your child’s ability to do their chores may be hindered by their incapacity to set priorities. Your child will successfully overcome this by using a checklist that lays out specific instructions.

Having visual aids that guide children through the processes step by step is a huge help when instructing kids on how to do their chores correctly. They’ll need fewer of them as the kids get older, and by then, they might learn just as well by listening to your voice.


Hygiene Routine

Hygiene practices, like bedtime routines, should be consistent throughout the week. Putting personal hygiene tasks like brushing teeth, showering, and changing clothes on the schedule is a good way to ensure that they get done even if you’re not looking.

Visit a store with your kid and pick up some attractively colored combs and brushes, scented soap, hand sanitizer, and other unique grooming aids to help stimulate their brain and boost motivation.


Bedtime Routine

Children who already have regular bedtime routines are much more likely to have an easier time drifting off to sleep.

Bedtime can be less hassle if you establish a routine that rewards kids for their efforts and keeps them busy with something they enjoy while letting you wind down and relax. If you have trouble getting your child to sleep, reading them a story or playing some soothing music will help. As an alternative to the typical snack food, you can also give them milk, poultry, or turkey before bedtime. The sleep-inducing protein tryptophan can be found in many of these meals. Moreover, get the kids in the habit of taking a bath before bed. This avoids morning bathroom fights, which can waste valuable time.

Set aside time to organize your closet and your kids. Assemble school supplies, such as textbooks, notebooks, and pens, and place them in backpacks. Leave bags near the door so that you won’t forget them. Last but not least, set the alarm clock to go off earlier than the time that both you and your child have to start getting ready for the day.


Final Thoughts

Children with ADHD need rules, discipline, and regular routines in order to develop appropriate and positive behaviors. Establish your expectations, shower them with compliments, and make the necessary changes. As a parent, it will be challenging, but with some practice, you can get there.


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