Elon Musk’s Vision of The Everything App Might Soon Be a Reality



Elon Musk’s vision of The Everything App will be a reality if he gets past his confusion

Currently, Elon Musk is teasing his supporters and Twitter followers with a glimpse of his futuristic vision of WhatsApp. He is thinking about transforming the social network into an ‘everything app’ that combines several services under one roof. He shared slides from a presentation he gave on Twitter, with the page titled ‘The Everything App’ having two sub-heads- advertising for entertainment and video. It seems like Elon Musk’s vision of The Everything App is about to come together efficiently.

Elon had mentioned that his bid to buy Twitter was just a catalyst to create X, the everything app, where users could socialize, make payments, and even shop. However, Musk’s approach is not really appreciated everywhere. Recently, he has come under fire for his management style. Sacking thousands of employees and asking the remaining ones to commit to a ‘hardcore’ work environment. Besides, his pay-for-verification plan has also backfired, where analysts claim that he is confused as to what to do with the platform. For now, it is only known that Twitter will assign different badges to avoid confusion.

Earlier, Musk paused the revamping of the Twitter Blue program and said he would resume it on November 29. However, until now Musk had put this off. Even though, he didn’t specify if this new verification scheme will occur at the same time as the rollout of the relaunch of Twitter Blue. It’s likely that this verification relaunch is for existing verified accounts, companies, and government officials and not just for paid subscribers. In a nutshell, The Everything App is expected to open new doors for the successful launch of Twitter 2.0


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