Elon Musk’s Mission to Limit Fake Accounts on Twitter Continues!



Fake accounts on Twitter continue to ravage the platform and Elon continues to fight it!

Since becoming the new owner of the social media platform, Twitter, Elon Musk has made several conflicting decisions, starting from firing the senior executives of the company, and conducting full-scale massive layoffs, to introducing a new verification system. Besides these initiatives, Elon Musk continues to fight against the presence of fake accounts on Twitter. In attempts to undertake new measures to strike out the Twitter fake accounts, Elon Musk said that Twitter will soon enable organizations to identify Twitter accounts associated with them. Even though he did not further elaborate on this matter, it is quite obvious that Elon is determined to implement the goals he previously possessed for Twitter.

Currently, Twitter is focusing on several other forms of measures as it recently announced an US$8 fee for the blue check subscription service. Even this attempt came to light after the number of fake accounts on Twitter rose dramatically. These fake accounts reportedly cloned big brands and respected celebrities and caused several disruptions on the platform.

Initially, the micro-blogging platform paused the US$8 subscription service to reserve verified accounts for just popular public figures like famous personalities, politicians, journalists, and other public figures. But under Elon’s leadership, the entire Twitter ecosystem is expected to change. The blue check mark can be availed by anyone ready to pay. This will also help Musk to enhance Twitter earn revenue as the company fights to retain advertisers.

Besides these, Musk is focused on cutting off employees from the company to meet the growing economic challenges. He wishes to boost subscription revenue to offset falling advertising income. It is quite unpredictable as to what exactly Elon wishes to do with Twitter, but it is quite evident that these changes will continue to invade the tech industry for quite a long period.


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