Elon Musk Announces Multicolored Verification System on Twitter


Elon-Musk-Announces-Multicolored-Verification-System-on-TwitterElon Musk announces multicolored verification system to advance the platform’s verification plans

Elon has messed up the entire Twitter verification system. Since taking over Twitter, the tech billionaire has made several changes to the platform, including integrating a US$8 per month paid plan to encourage authenticity and transparency like accounts in the platform, identify the spam and fake accounts, and eradicate those. Time and again, Elon has pushed back the launch of the verification system, but recently, reports claim new facts. Elon Musk announces multicolored verification that is set to be launched next week.

The new Twitter owner claimed that the companies will get a gold checkmark, government officials will get a grey checkmark and the official checkmark will most probably be used by some of the prominent accounts, besides, the blue checkmark will be dedicated to individuals even if they are not celebrities. This indicates that the blue check mark will be used with legacy accounts people who buy Twitter’s new US$8 per month paid plan. To this, Elon also added that the company will aim to manually authenticate all verifications before the new verification system goes live. However, Twitter’s reduced workforce is eventually becoming a matter of concern for the existing and incoming employees.

Individuals can have a second tiny logo to note if they are part of a certain renowned organization, but the organizations will also have to verify that the individual represents them, is associated with them, or works with them in some way.

Earlier, Musk paused the revamping of the Twitter Blue program and said he would resume it on November 29. However, until now Musk had put this off. Even though, he didn’t specify if this new verification scheme will occur at the same time as the rollout of the relaunch of Twitter Blue. This verification relaunch is likely for existing verified accounts, companies, and government officials and not just for paid subscribers.