EduconIndia: Fulfilling Dreams of Oversees Aspiring Students with Specialised Counselling and Advisory  


EduconIndia is a progressively growing professional organization that offers one-of-a-kind Consultancy and Advisory solutions to a wide variety of student populations who strive to get trained and have a career abroad. It is a company that is recognized for its unique system of teaching and has received many awards. EduconIndia has always believed that success would come only by offering customers – the Very Best Services, Selection, Quality and Value. The Company has been very explicit about what it plays in terms of guiding them, so they aren’t just draft to figure this out on their own. EduconIndia provides guideposts and clear messages about what you need to do in terms of studying and the kind of activities they should be involved in.  

EduconIndia believes that it takes more than just books to nurture an achieving mindset. The company is honored to bring down Kaplan’s expert global faculty in India to strengthen a student’s frame of preparation. For the same reason, it hosts Live In-Person Classroom lectures paving a path to a collaboratively learning environment. Apart from its quick-reflexed updated study material, EduconIndia walks right from the time they apply for their counseling on what PG course/domain rightly fits the student, to applying for the entrances, training the students with Internationally acclaimed faculty, getting the admissions paperwork done, applying for licenses, guiding through the job search the organization sails through the journey format to instill confidence and skill to crack the examination. 

An Insightful Leadership 

Shrinidhi Naidu is the founder of EduconIndia. She says, “A decade or more ago, people wouldn’t recognize me beyond the simple ‘girl next door’ that I was. Today, I’m humbled to revisit my introduction and replace it with some better and brighter as I Shrinidhi Naidu, the founder of Educational Consulting Company EduconIndia.”  

Shrinidhi cannot describe the journey so far as a single adjective shot, but mostly, it was adventurous, life-changing, in short, a roller coaster so far. It made her wiser, smarter and life-changer in a lot of ways. From being a consultant to running a consultancy, the road only got broader with perspectives and perseverance. While working under the role of being a consultant, Shrinidhi figured the gap in the medical consultation vertical and took it upon her to fix it. The thought of being ‘the right mind’ for many medical students who aspire to fly across with progressive results excites her. 

Offering Exclusive Career Counselling  

EduconIndia’s goal is to guide students through the study abroad process, providing them with information about study-abroad options, potential colleges abroad, programs they offer, the application process and scholarship opportunities. The company provides many online study options, materials, classes, assessments questionnaires, live & In-Person interactive lectures, all with the award-winning Kaplan US faculty. Bringing the best from the global markets and that too the market leaders, ‘Kaplan’, is one great accomplishment for EduconIndia and for the Indian student fraternity. 

Talking about medical education, hosting Kaplan Medical’s globally acclaimed USMLE Step 1 classroom lectures, endorsing Kaplan’s global brand recognition was not an easy decision it being the very first time. It wonderfully elated EduconIndia to connect with Kaplan and bring down their elite faculty all the way to India and train students, however, it was on Shrinidhi’s shoulder to market it in a very short span of time and spread the news across for the utmost benefit of the aspirants. Though EduconIndia has its own reach and following across South India’s Medical student fraternity, the rest was on it to make it big and sound. 

Mastering Challenges to Achieve Goals 

For an Educational Consultant in a field that is so competitive, gaining the trust of students and standing out from the rest is key. EduconIndia aims to give its students the best-offered choice in terms of consultancy, training and timely updated study materials, the assessment tests and the live interaction made available between the student and professors aimed to boost the learning process do an incredible job in assisting the students. 

Shrinidhi says, “EduconIndia came right out of my promising thought to help medical students pursue what’s best for them! I had to do my homework, set up the groundwork and plan my future works. It was on me to bring the company to everyone’s notice and during my first batch of students, I recollect now that we had very little time to spread the word around. Luckily, I had met this team of young digital marketers, Binesh Gaddam– the founder of ‘VHonk Digital Media and Marketing’ who worked rigorously to reach out to the targeted crowd. We soon had a class-filling batch willing to work their ways to win their dreams.” 

Business Recognition Defines Success 

EduconIndia has been covered in media, newspapers, blogs and articles for the progress it made and the career goals it has set. Recent accomplishments include – 2019’s one among the most reliable consultancies, featured in the renowned business magazines like The Knowledge Review, Silicon India, Startup city and a few others. 

Apart from the media coverage, EduconIndia’s accomplishments are the success stories of its students, the badges it wears with pride all the smiles of students accomplishing their dreams through the company. 

The Roadmap of Tomorrow  

Medicine has always been one of the most lucrative and sought-after career options both in India and abroad as well. A profession noble as such and aimed towards promoting a healthier society, in general, requires the course structure to be designed with utmost caution. Today, EduconIndia is renowned to be the unicorn of medical educational consultancies. The company visualizes and pitches in to create a tomorrow with no beguiling promises. It provides the students with opportunities keeping in view the best of their abilities. It strives and thrives to bridge the gap between the medical universities abroad and the aspiring doctors of tomorrow.  

EduconIndia empowers and encourages the students to adopt their ways of learning while also monitor’s their performance graph. The timely updated study materials, the assessment tests and the live interaction made available between the student and professors are aimed to boost the learning process and is doing remarkable job in assisting the students. The company conquers their fears and comforts them with options, ways, and approaches to acquire. The team at the company aspires to build EduconIndia as an inevitable source for success stories bridging dreams and realities together.