Easy Ways That You Can Go Green This Summer

Climate change

Climate changeThis summer is your chance to become ecologically aware and help reduce our carbon footprint.

The summer is finally here, and we are all looking forward to getting out into the sunshine, catching up with our friends and families, and making the most of those long summer evenings. However, as we start planning large events and spending more time outdoors and traveling, we all need to be mindful of the impact that we are having on the environment. We have all seen news stories about climate change in the last couple of years with soaring temperatures and increasing numbers of extreme weather events. We are all a lot more aware of the need to cut down our carbon footprint, and we want to make a difference.


Take Reusable Containers With You

We all know that plastics are a serious problem. One of the main issues is that is so convenient to pay for a plastic bottle of water when you are out of the house or on the road. Well, this is where good habits come in. Make sure that you and your family have reusable water containers and take them with you. It is such a simple step, but if you think about how many bottles of water we would go through if we did not use them, it is an easy decision to make. If you must buy plastic bottles, look for recycle bins and dispose of them properly.


Take Your Greeting Cards And Invitations Digital

We all love sending, and indeed receiving, an eye-catching and personal card. They demonstrate a level of care and attention that a simple message cannot or a cheap card that you have picked up on the way out of the supermarket. However, given that we are all trying to cut down on the amount of paper that we are using, there is no denying that it is a greener choice to go digital. You may think that this means that you can’t be as personal, but that is far from the case. With virtual invitations and text message invitations, you can be just as creative and heartfelt. Visit Greenvelope to look at some beautiful templates, craft your own design, and find out how their virtual messages offer much more than just a card.


Watch Your Energy Usage

If you are looking to get into some better green habits, the summer is the perfect time to do so. At this time of year, we generally need to use our big energy-thirsty appliances a lot less. We do not need to have our central heating on nearly so much, and we can hang our clothes out to dry instead of putting them through the dryer. This summer, it will be very important to watch your energy usage and think about what further changes you can make to your routine to help you cut down. Something as simple as turning out the light when you leave a room can make a huge difference. The same is true of turning off your appliances at the wall socket when you are no longer using them instead of leaving them on standby. You could also think about switching to LED bulbs as they create less waste of energy.


Vacation Closer To Home

One of the most effective ways to cut down on your carbon footprint is limiting the amount of long-distance traveling. It is not always possible to avoid air travel or even driving for those long-haul journeys, but if you are thinking of getting away this summer, why not think about heading somewhere closer to home? Gas prices are on the rise so it makes financial sense to vacation somewhere that won’t put so many miles on your car. You will always be surprised by the possibilities that are nearby.
In addition, Click 4 Reg recommends that when you do travel, don’t exceed 65mph. The most efficient speed to travel to achieve the best fuel economy is between 55-65mph, anything above 70mph decreases your fuel quite rapidly. Drive carefully and efficiently unless you go all electric!


Be Careful With Your Water

The summer may allow us to take it a little easier on our heating, but it is always going to be a big season for water consumption. We all need to be a lot more careful about how much water we are wasting in the face of climate change, so think about how you can monitor your usage. Think about watering your plants from a measuring jug instead of the hose. Instead of taking a bath every day, try having a shower instead. These are the little steps that may seem like an inconvenience at first, but they are important habits to get into.