Dr. Fred Cooper: Delivering Industry-Leading Services to Benefit Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

ARIIX is an industry-disruptive direct selling company that partners with world-renowned nutrition, health, and lifestyle experts, bringing brands that are on the leading edge of what science and nature can offer. With eight efficacious, result-oriented product lines, the company offers a comprehensive 360º approach to helping consumers and business partners live their very best life. ARIIX’s culture makes it different in many ways. The company isn’t into mega buildings and giant displays of success, but instead, it invests its resources into providing a solid business model that continues to attract independent business owners — especially millennials.

A True Business Frontrunner

Dr. Fred Cooper is the CEO and Founder of ARIIX. He is a respected leader with a talent for creating lucrative opportunities on a global scale. As a true innovator and direct sales forerunner, Fred perceives opportunities where others don’t. He has the unique ability to create revolutionary business models that benefit the independent business owner—like the industry-first and patent-pending ACTIV8 Compensation Plan. ACTIV8 is well known and coveted in the industry and the unique brainchild of Fred Cooper!

Fred holds a Ph.D. in Business and Statistics and taught for 17 years as a professor at the University of Utah. He is also the original founder of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the university. The direct selling industry-first piqued Fred’s interest while he was teaching an advanced statistics class to an accountant whose firm conducted business with a publicly-traded direct sales company. He came to realize that working for a direct sales company has the ability to expand one’s perception of business opportunities and he welcomed the challenge of creating a compensation plan that could truly be rewarding and one of a kind.

Today, with more than 20 years of industry experience, Fred is one of the world’s foremost experts in managing direct selling companies and has emerged as a pioneer with a knack for spotting inefficiencies and then fixing them.

Offering Practical Exposure for Industry Collaboration 

Fred says the bottom line is that if you are a Representative for ARIIX, we’ve got your back. ARIIX has got the Representative Bill of Rights, which is an industry-first contract that provides Representatives not only legal protection but also a voice within the company, ranging from compensation plan changes to policies and procedures, as well as a share in company profits.

The company also employs a “house of brands” philosophy that allows its independent Representatives to diversify their businesses. Through the acquisition of other direct selling companies, ARIIX consistently offers breakthrough products and more options for its entrepreneurs to build their business with. The entrepreneurs build their business the way they choose, while always staying competitive and relevant.

Another clear standout is ARIIX’s industry-first and patent-pending ACTIV8 Compensation Plan, which pays out a true 50 cents on every dollar and allows the Representative to choose which way they want to build, whether it’s binary, unilevel or matrix.

Extensive Experience Paving the Way Forward

Fred has experienced a lot of success in his career both inside and outside of the industry. But each day he chooses ARIIX and the Representatives the company serves because he believes in them. Fred says, “I believe in the industry and the unique and powerful way it can transform lives. I see the power of transformation every day and that’s what propels me – that’s what makes me strive to consistently provide the very best opportunity, equal to all, in the direct selling space. Whether you are a white-collar or blue-collar worker hoping to start your own business on the side, a single parent hoping to add to your income, or a stay-at-home mom hoping to supplement your husband’s income, you can find a place in direct sales.”

Accomplishments Throughout the Success Journey 

In 2018, Fred became one of only 40 recipients worldwide to receive an honorary professorship from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing and membership in the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation. As a recipient of this distinctive award, he is counted among an elite group of highly successful international leaders. Through these appointments, Fred is highly valued as a results-driven visionary for his contributions toward resolving commerce issues in the global marketplace.

A world-renowned speaker and award-winning businessman, Fred’s industry presence has earned him the title of Top CEO in the World by Business for Home, the leading industry publication. He was recently named Transformation Leader of the Year in the CEO World Awards and has been featured in myriad publications and news segments, including Performance 360, ABC4 “Good Things Utah,” The CEO Views, CIO Bulletin, and Insights Success, to name a few.

Delivering Innovation to Mitigate Challenges

Commenting on the challenges Fred says, “I knew that I wanted to do things differently. There’s a reason the industry gets a bad rap—it usually is only the top Reps that make the money. But I wanted to create an environment where the average Joe could rise to success. In this business, it can be anyone’s game and you never know who the next leader is going to be! And speaking of leaders, I knew that if I was going to truly facilitate industry change and create a legacy business—one that would continue to thrive long after I was gone—I needed to surround myself with a team of leaders who were already successful in each of their respective fields. I wanted the best of the best, and ARIIX exists today because of the dedication and influence of all seven partners.”

While Fred is the CEO and he ensures that the policies and procedures that are created are fair and reasonable, he wants to make sure that anyone can execute, with or without him. And each of the other Founders has done the same – they’ve established a solid foundation in their respective fields to create a stable infrastructure that can be self-sustaining. Fred operates with the understanding that everyone is replaceable, even himself. That is how a legacy company creates.

An Extra Mile Towards Future

Fred’s goal is to inspire ARIIX Reps to grow as leaders and mentor new leaders within their teams in order to create thriving networks in markets across the globe. He desires to allow local leaders to independently lead according to their market’s needs and trends. This deconstructed management style allows markets to direct their own events, tools, promotions, and campaigns in the way that’s best for them.

Fred is also a hands-on leader, rolling up his sleeves and working alongside Reps to reach new goals and grow as leaders. Over the past year alone, he has logged thousands of miles traveling the world to bring top training, coaching and a whole lot of fun to ARIIX Representatives. With great respect for different cultures and business practices, Fred encourages diversity and new ideas. He also encourages Reps to connect with one another, inspire one another and share their stories of success through the 2019 Transformation addition to the ARIIX Connect mobile app. And the approach is working! Entering its eighth year of business, the ARIIX opportunity is available to a total of 21 countries on four continents with 12 worldwide offices. New markets in 2018–19 included Israel, France, Australia, and Italy, along with the establishment of three new offices in Australia, Canada, and Ireland. Reps have never felt closer, more connected, or more a part of the global ARIIX family.