Digital Leadership navigating Data and Tech Disruption to shape productive future

Adastrum, an executive search, and leadership advisory organization presented a report entitled The DSuite: digital, data and disruption in the boardroom, which prospects the leadership skills required in the current era of digital transformation and also guides to excel in planet dominated by data-driven disruptive technologies.

The strain is increasing on leaders and experts along with their teams as the industry is continuously experiencing disruption. Other than speed, agility, accuracy, innovation, an aced expertise is also a key to lead the data dominated world.

Here are the major highlights from The DSuite report:

  • How continuous operating on digital transformation will impact disruption. It requires a basic drift in the business model to be a disruptor which would impact customer experience and marketing operations as a whole.
  • How spirited leaders today should be responsible towards transformations and it requires them to be more agile, adaptable and inhibit the ability to drive a wave of innovation and up-gradation.
  • Leaders should have an understanding of how disruptive technologies and data-driven processes can architect their enterprises.
  • How distinct roles of leadership have transformed in recent times and reflects the major portrayal of things including digital, data and cyber.
  • The recent C-Suite has been joined by chief data scientist, chief digital officer, chief data officer, chief transformation officer and chief cybersecurity officer which did not exist before.
  • How to recognize and create digital leaders whose key considerations would include – emotional intelligence, speaking the right language, set up success strategies, spreading web, hiring people with different capabilities, out of the box thought process, analyzing the purpose behind the operation.

Chris Underwood, managing director of Adastrum Consulting said – “Rapidly evolving technology and disruptive business models call for a different approach to leadership. As such, a new approach to how leaders are developed is also needed.”

Further, he quoted – “However, traditional development tools tend to focus on standardized characteristics of leaders, (how they behave, think and feel) independently of the context of the environment that they will be applied in; leadership does not exist independently of its application.”

An aced digital leader is a valuable asset and an effective resource to the company whose role would include business transformation, putting potential growth strategies on the table, associating a productive team and driving business from failures to success trajectory. If the qualitative expectations are set at the high bar, it will definitely be a challenge to identify and retain such talent.