Dicky Ying: Envisioning Changing Landscape of Digital Trade Through Innovative Platforms

Dicky YingMezzofy is a coupon solution provider for merchants, developers and marketers. It brings everything that is needed to create, distribute and manage coupons onto one powerful platform, namely Mezzofy Merchant App. The company has been at the forefront of digital innovation in retail systems. It has helped retailers to go beyond the traditional marketing channels and maximize new opportunities in the digital world.

Established in 2014, headquartered in Hong Kong, Mezzofy has led the transformation of the coupon industry over the last five years.

Under the leadership of Dicky Ying, CEO of the company, Mezzofy has achieved great recognition in the digital trade world. Dicky is responsible for the overall development of the company and has over 20 years’ management experience in various industries.

Availing the perks of Ying’s experience, the team at Mezzofy has gained commendable success including the creation of Mezzofy Merchant App that can support merchants in issuing unlimited digital coupons without any upfront cost and technical help. The easy-to-use app helps brand owners to gain access to a much deeper network of consumers. The app allows      merchants to embark on various coupon campaigns, and consumers get access to thousands of deals by receiving the coupons without downloading any apps. Digital coupons can also be used to maintain a membership program and specific coupons can be issued to target members accordingly.


Learning, Leading and Proceeding

Dicky has worked as senior management in various MNCs and listed companies for about 20 years mainly in the field of IT and logistics. All of these successful companies have one thing in common: they sell the most wanted things for the market. When Dicky and his team started the business of Mezzofy, they decided to sell the most wanted thing in the market, and it is the coupon system.


Persistent Leader Leads Innovation

Dicky Ying is one such leader who never gives up but stands still in the competition with determination to achieve progress. Dicky believes that persistence led to the success of Mezzofy and quotes – “Never give up.  Never go back on words. That’s Mezzofy’s way.”


Unparalleled Products Booming the Market

With its unique product and services, Mezzofy has already established a strong foothold in the Asian coupon market. The app is now available in Google Play and App Store. Merchants are using Mezzofy      App worldwide to issue coupons. A catering enterprise recently issued more than 200,000,000 digital coupons with Mezzofy Coupon Platform (a customized version of the Mezzofy Merchant App) for about a hundred brands under its name.  The company proudly adds the Bali coupon platform (a customized version of the Mezzofy Merchant App) developed for the Bali Tourism Board to the list of its most successful projects.

More than 15,000 people have downloaded various Mezzofy applications. Users come from 50 countries around the world, with the majority from the US, Hong Kong, China and Asia. Apart from Mezzofy Merchant App, Mezzofy has also helped a number of global enterprises to integrate their internal coupon systems with those of Mezzofy.


Pacing Up with The Evolution

Mezzofy has constantly evolved its solutions to adapt to new changes in the market. Moreover, to modernize the coupon system with unique features like barcode, Mezzofy has already established a strategic partnership with GS1, Hong Kong. The GTIN barcode scanning is one of the techniques to retain the consumer by requiring the consumer to scan the GTIN in order to get the coupon. Additionally, this will enable its clients to send digital coupons to its nearby customers through Bluetooth also.

To provide comprehensive marketing service to its customers, Mezzofy has also been working with an official agent of China Rail to promote MMS coupon advertisement to high-speed rail passengers and working with e-Buy, the digital membership scheme giant in China, to promote its membership scheme with Mezzofy’s coupon platform to Hong Kong market.


Effortless Approach to Customers

Understanding the demand of coupons in the market, Dicky affirms that his company need not sell too much rather almost everyone he meets seems quite interested in his product. Mezzofy usually goes to contract details from the second meeting.


Sharpening Leadership with Cutting-Edge Technology

Digital coupons mean money to companies. Dicky considers that the company must have a full grasp of the latest technology to ensure very high security of its coupon platform. Commenting on the changing role of leadership in the industry he affirms that the leader of an IT enterprise is no different from other traditional enterprises, except that he must also have a sharp sense of technology development. It seems easy but in fact not. Many leaders just refused to learn new things after becoming leaders, Dicky says.


Potentials Carving the Achievements and Recognitions

For its smart innovations, Mezzofy app is awarded the “Smart App of the Year” in the ‘2018 Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong’.

Additionally, Mezzofy platform has been awarded as the “Most Innovative Digital Coupon Platform” in ‘Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Business Awards 2018’.

The company has also been awarded “Local Brand Hong Kong Awards”, organized by Hong Kong Local Brand Association.


Primal Challenges Shaping the Journey

Describing Mezzofy’s challenging journey, Dicky narrates that the company does not only provide coupon platform from the beginning but as an IT solution provider, it provides various solutions such as POS and Inventory system. Later but very soon the company found that its coupon platform is the most wanted one. According to Dicky, a huge catering enterprise, probably the biggest one, in Hong Kong asked for Mezzofy’s assistance to provide a digital coupon system.  It talks about issuing of billions of coupons for hundreds of brands with an extremely high level of security. The leader dictates it as the most advanced and complicated system of its kind in the territory, and very likely the largest scale in the city. By accomplishing the mission, Mezzofy believes that it can handle all similar kinds of request and decide to develop a standard version for all companies. And that is the Mezzofy Merchant App.


Prospective Roadmap

Dicky believes that future digital coupons may have a global standard just like      barcode. All merchants of the world use the same barcode standard so that their products made in any places can be sold in any shops around the world without any hiccups.  “If and when there is a global standard of digital coupons, both merchants and consumers will have more confidence in such global recognized coupons, and the exchange of such coupons around the world will become feasible. Technically speaking, it’s possible. And the rest will be decided by the market,” he added.

Providing us with significant information, Dicky tells that Mezzofy is working with GS1 HK to develop a global coupon standard.


Words of Wisdom

The company runs on the simple but effective aspect of trade – demand and supply. Dicky is of the thinking that the solution provider should look after the needs of the customer and what peculiar factor a product should possess is to invite more customers. He believes that one should just think about why others should buy his/her products.