DataXu Helps a CPG Company Save 66% On Campaign Management Costs 

In today’s rapid digitalization world, a range of marketing campaigns running out there by CPG companies globally. These marketing campaigns need various marketing management tools that disseminate the messages and ideas to a target audience to boost a business or event cost-effectively. Campaign management is utilized for implementing successful marketing strategies and building the direction of a sale for maximum profits. However, as companies steadily run hundreds of targeted campaigns with defined demographic and geographic criteria, they also face today’s fast-changing market realities.

The Business Challenge: A CPG Company Needs a Solution to Its Campaign Management 

A large CPG company was bushed out of dealing with traditional campaign woes that led them to leverage a precise and effective solution to address this issue. Since traditional campaign management is particularly resource-intensive, cost-efficient, optimization is highly manual, and speed-to-market delays due to multifaceted forecasting and set-up, the CPG giant’s shopper marketing team turned to Dataxu.

The Solution: Dataxu provides Solutions to the CPG Company

To address the challenges, the CPG company’s shopper marketing team teamed with DataXu to understand substantial efficiency gains across all aspects of campaign management and optimization. DataXu’s platform provided the CPG company with the tools essential to shift resources away from low-value campaign management tasks toward higher impact creative and strategic work. DataXu’s transparent pricing model also divulged the true costs of each campaign that helped the shopper marketing team to maximize campaign efficiency over time. Dataxu’s tools included:


Zip-code level targeting

Full-range of data and contextual targeting

Frequency controls

Automated, algorithmic optimization

Integration with validation partners

Actionable shopper intelligence

Bulk Workflow Features

DataXu’s expert Services team

The Outcome

Leveraging DataXu’s programmatic marketing and analytics software, the CPG company reduced campaign management costs by 66% and improved its return on investment by 18% overall. With these savings, the CPG company’s shopper marketing team has been able to fund new and innovative programs.

By using programmatic software, and demonstrating measurable and efficient execution with DataXu helped the CPG company to win an internal innovation award, grow their presence within the marketing organization, and resulted in team member promotions.

About Dataxu

Headquartered in Boston, MA, Dataxu is a marketing company offering marketing solutions for professionals to use data to improve their advertising. The company’s mission is to make marketing better using data science. The world’s leading brands and agencies leverage DataXu to better understand and engage customers across all devices and media formats. Its solution offers marketers with unparalleled Media Activation, Marketing Analytics, and Data Management capabilities.