Data Analytics to Refine State Services in Michigan

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Families in Michigan place confidence in the state’s Department of Health and Human Services to access important edges. But first they have to demonstrate their eligibility for state help — a method that depends on a monolithic gift app referred to as MI Bridges.

However, the state lacked visibility into the app and located it tough to predict or reply to application outages, that had a negative impact on the individuals the agency serves.

Michigan Uses Data Analytics to enhance Application Performance

Michigan endowed in the data analytics joyride a year and a past, initially running a six-month pilot with its HHS agency. State IT officers had 3 goals for the pilot program: 1st, they needed to achieve that central visibility they were lacking in the advantages eligibility application. Next, they also needed to be able to track and improve compliance with server-level agreements for time period and mean solar time to recovery. Finally, they needed to modify and alter auditing for compliance with data safety standards.

Michigan plans to create on its success with Splunk by applying the tool to different Department of Health and Human Services applications, like people who support kid services and Medicaid. Then, the state could expand use into different agencies and departments.

“One of the major achievements was, once we were resolving these issues, it was helping technical, as well as the business,” an official said. “With the data that was coming out of the logs, we were able to show the business, ‘Here’s your data, this particular data is showing you your resource load.’ And the technical department can also look at the back end to pinpoint where issues are happening, so we can prevent them before they impact caseworkers.”

“It’s gaining more visibility: People are seeing it, there’s more demos, more interest from seeing the gains that we’ve had in our experience,” Scheurer said.

Scheurer says that there could also be opportunities in the future to use analytics on the far side support for IT applications. For example, he said, he thinks states can before long be exploitation information analytics to be used cases like fraud detection, with analytics tools ready to nose out illegitimate claims for advantages.