Cyndie Martini: An Influential Leader Transforming the Dynamics of Financial Industry

Business Leaders

Business Leaders

For many people, Disney Land may be the happiest place on earth, but for those who manage card programs at credit unions, Member Access Processing (MAP) is a better place. With MAP as their preferred partner, a credit union can match the card offerings of larger banks, and even far exceed their member service levels. The company offers each credit union a dedicated account representative who delivers unmatched customer service. 

As the only aggregator of the Visa Debit Processing Service platform for credit unions in the U.S., MAP is able to leverage its one-of-a-kind partnership with Visa to provide its clients the reliability, security, and service that no other provider can offer. 

MAP’s customizable, single-point technology systems help credit unions reach the peak of cardholder usage, loyalty and program efficiency within the first year. The company also provides unparalleled security and fraud protection solutions to its clients that are outperforming their bank and credit union competitors and have achieved the lowest fraud rates in the U.S. MAP’s clients have been first-in-the-nation adopters of EMV, card controls, transaction alerts, on-demand card manufacturing. Also, it continues to innovate with digital issuance and contactless payments. 


Meet the Leader  

Cyndie Martini is the President and CEO of MAP. Cyndie spearheaded the company’s entry into the credit union card and ATM processing arena – the first and only credit union League (Washington CU League) nationally to resell Visa Debit Processing Services (DPS) as a collectively priced card processing solution. 

Cyndie has managed and directed successful credit union card and ATM portfolios, marketing programs and business strategies for over 25 years. She has been a member of the Washington Credit Union League and League Services Inc. (LSI) for ten years. Cyndie has the requisite knowledge and experience to continue expanding and developing a business that is national in scope and balanced for growth and profitability. In addition to her expertise in the area of the card and ATM services and portfolio consulting, she also has over 30 years of marketing, sales, strategic planning, advertising and card technology experience and is recognized as an expert in the field of card and network systems. As a respected professional in the credit union industry, Cyndie continues to develop significant relationships at all levels of the financial services community. 


Redefining the Financial Industry 

MAP has a clear vision and is executing on it. Cyndie is very pleased to be leading the company and the team, guided by its Board’s vision, on a trajectory paced for swift growth. She believes that leaders have a responsibility to share, when appropriate, all that they can to support others in their careers and on their career paths. 

MAP offers a straightforward pricing structure, eliminating hidden fees and freeing its credit union clients from unknown and unpredictable expenses. The company’s experienced team of professionals is known for safeguarding the interests of its clients and their members, continuously seeking opportunities to reduce their costs and find opportunities for operational efficiencies. 

The company’s market-leading Prepaid and Gift Card solutions provide credit unions both turn-key and custom programs, allowing their institutions to select only the functions they need to support their business requirements, differentiate products, and take advantage of new product opportunities. MAP also has a premium ATM driving solution that can reduce costs and enhance the profitability of its customers’ ATM investment. The solution gives businesses the tools to manage and streamline their ATM program. The company also supports a wide range of ATM driving device types and a variety of cash and non-cash transactions. 


Overcoming Challenges with Experience 

When Cyndie looks back, excellence across all areas of MAP was very important to her. She feels it is still essential today. But she asserts that no one cannot be all and everything to everyone. Cyndie has learned from experience that she needs to know where to look for and find the right resources to produce her vision. Today, she is much better positioned to flourish by bringing on talented individuals who contribute in amazing ways.   


Imparting the Best of Business Niche 

For Cyndie, the joyfulness has come from working with MAP’s leadership team and its clients. It also provides an opportunity to bring new prospects a service and partnership that is genuinely aligned with them culturally and the company’s offerings. MAP’s value is centered on providing payment products and services to a unique market, credit unions. The company understands credit unions more intuitively than its competitors, and its goal is to focus on each client individually, their portfolios, revenue and membership objectives, IT systems, internal teams and community. “It is a mindset, a passion that we live out every day,” she believes. 


The Future of Finance 

MAP leverages its strategic partnerships to offer industry-leading, state-of-the-art card processing from its primary technology partner, Visa, to support all areas of EFT processing for credit unions. Those include debit card and credit card processing, ATM terminal driving, prepaid card solutions, network gateway processing, web-based technology, and mobile commerce. 


Shaping Innovative Minds 

Emphasizing on transformational leadership attributes, Cyndie says that Vision and Humility are the two core principles of leaders. They need vision so they can lead and humility through which they can listen and learn. Cyndie has an amazing and diverse leadership team. Remaining humble allows her to stay focused on their contributions, results and successes. 

Further, she advises emerging business leaders to think big. “Expect your company or project to exceed your end goal – and start-out building for it on the front end. Evaluate regularly and ask yourself if you are being true to your goals and yourself along the way,” she adds.