Code Signing, a Disruptive Concept to Ensure Software Security

Business organizations are taking up new concepts like code signing to reaffirm software security

Code Signing

Code Signing

Businesses are constantly moving to work on the digital mode in the tech-driven world. Owing to the increasing adoption of technology, more software is being deployed to carry out everyday routines. In a nutshell, organizations are relying on software for many purposes. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have found a hole in software usage and are utilizing the void to penetrate company info. Therefore, business organizations are taking up new concepts like code signing in software to ensure that it is encrypted and is coming from a proper source. 

In order to keep the business operations running, companies embrace an array of software. They heavily rely on the software system and ensure smooth and safe working. But the underlying challenges of software security are ignored very often, leading to massive information theft in the organization. When downloading or buying software from the internet or a provider, companies must always be wary of the third party masquerading. On a negative note, most of the businesses are unaware of the threats they possess in the past. However, as technology has evolved, new concepts like code signing are emerging as a handy solution to address software security concerns.


What is Code Signing and Why Should You Use it?

Code signing is a virtual or digital signing process that ensures software security. It reassures trust across the software supply chain by validating the identities of source code and verifying that it hasn’t tampered so far. The virtual signature serves as a wax seal proof for consumers. It denotes that the software is safe to be installed for business purposes. In a nutshell, code signing is the process of using public key encryption to affix distributable files with digital signatures, in order to prove to consumers that are consuming the software in the state the developer intended it to be consumed in. The signature between buyer and seller acts as an assurance that it is sealed and is not modified from its original form. Some of the major reasons to use code signing in business are listed as follows,

  • By using code signing to assure the safety of users, businesses can genuinely extend their customer base without any hesitation. Even if there is a surge in consumer applications for mobile and desktop devices and the proliferation of malware, organizations can embrace the extensions with the help of code signing. 
  • Some code signing providers leverage pre-formulated ubiquity that makes it easy for companies to automatically accept the software with seamless download. 
  • As digital signature contains the proof of content integrity, it encrypts your software from being altered or distributed with unapproved changes. 
  • Code signing drastically cuts the time spent on other security processes. Therefore, businesses can work without disruption on product development and bring it to market at a quicker pace.


How to Effectively Implement Code Signing Process?

Enable visibility across the enterprise

Visibility and accessibility play a big role in ensuring the security of code signing. Therefore, organizations should streamline code sharing across all the departments of the enterprise to maintain code activities. Employees should also be aware of which code is being signed, which code certificates are being used, who signed and code, and who from the company approved the code signing operation.


Centralize all code signing private keys

Across the organizations, many departments buy new software every day. They might also engage in code signing constantly. But in order to keep track of all the software and its organizational impacts, companies should have a centralized source to store the code signing private keys.


Employing somebody to take care of code signing operations

It is always better to keep someone responsible to take care of all the code signing in the software process. The individual can irrefutably record all the code signing operations and demonstrate it to the authorities when needed. They should also be aware of the policies that are being enforced along with code signing. 


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