Cleaning Your Kitchen Ventilation: Why It’s Important To Maintain with Regular Cleaning

Kitchen ventilation

Kitchen ventilation

Any commercial kitchen owner knows that a kitchen ventilation system is one of the most important areas of any kitchen. These devices help remove heat, moisture and airborne grease as well as toxic fumes, steam and even smoke. Thanks to these systems in place, commercial kitchens are able to maintain a constant flow of clean air throughout; however, in order to ensure a ventilation system is working at full capacity, continued maintenance must be carried out; this means regular professional ventilation cleaning.


The Importance Of Cleaning Your Ventilation System

Regular cleaning of your ventilation system is a must, so much so that without regular cleaning, there are significant risks…


Fire Risk

The risk of fire is one of the greatest risks surrounding unclean ventilation systems. This is simply due to your ventilation system being allowed to build up grease which can eventually set alight should temperatures rise. Not only would this damage your kitchen ventilation system but would damage the entire kitchen itself, putting your team in danger and causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. Without proper cleaning, you’re unlikely to find your insurance valid either.


Failed Inspections

Ventilation systems that haven’t received proper cleaning would be seen as a health violation and can often result in inspection failures. While some may be given specific periods of time to have this seen to, others aren’t so lucky. Even if you’ve been lucky enough and remained open, it won’t be long before this information is passed around and your customers begin to find out.


Health Risks

Professionally cleaned ventilation systems are imperative in order to ensure clean air flow throughout your kitchen. Without it, you’ll find your kitchen air flow begins to feel stagnant. Airborne grease will settle on surfaces, and the air quality itself will be low, resulting in a poor environment for staff. Health risks will rise, not only for staff who find themselves in this environment but for customers as dirt, bacteria and germs settle on their plates, cutlery and more.


Environmental Concerns

From toxic smoke to grease, a poorly cleaned ventilation system will not remove these from the kitchen environment and not only will this lead to the health risks mentioned above, but will also mean your kitchen isn’t meeting environmental standards. This could result in your kitchen receiving a hefty fine from the Environmental Protection Agency.


Contact The Experts

If you’d like to ensure your kitchen ventilation system is kept clean and fully functioning, we recommend contacting the experts at Grease Gone. Grease Gone are the UK’s leading commercial cleaners, specialising in kitchen ventilation and ductwork systems. To book in a consultation, call them today on 020 88663 413.


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