Chinese ChatGPT Baidu to Debut a New AI Chatbot Service

Chinese ChatGPT Baidu to debut a new AI Chatbot service that is embedded into its primary search engine

Baidu, China’s largest search engine is planning to debut a new AI Chatbot Service. A report said that Baidu will use the Ernie system which is a large-scale machine learning model to train its AI. This AI uses data from several years to develop abilities similar to ChatGPT.

The unnamed Chatbot Service is expected to get launched by march this year. The new AI is embedded into Baidu’s primary search service. The tool will aid users in conversation-style service, support, and engagement by possibly replacing support personnel and live operators. Baidu’s latest development comes just a few weeks after OpenAI’s ChatGPT created an outbreak in November 2022. The new AI service will reportedly get the same conversation-style search results as OpenAI’s popular platform. Reports say that Baidu might beat Google to the launch of the next big AI. The company’s shares rose as much as 5.8%.

Baidu is one of the most prominent internet companies in China and it competes with the likes of Tencent, Alibaba, and ByteDance. The launch of the AI-based search engine might give the company a lead in one of the emerging sectors in the tech industry. The service will be launched as a standalone application and gradually merge into its search engine. Baidu Inc. has spent billions of dollars researching AI to get the transition from online marketing to deeper technology. The tool used the Ernie system which will be the foundation of its upcoming ChatGPT-like tool. The Chatbot uses predefined conversation flows or AI to answer questions and guide customers. The AI bot can also earn from interactions and adjust actions to provide better support. Several other Chinese startups are exploring generative AI apart from Baidu. Millions of people believe these new chatbots are poised to reinvent or replace internet search engines like Google and Bing. Rather than long lists of blue links, they can serve up information in tight sentences. They explain concepts, deliver facts and also generate business plans, term paper topics, and other new ideas from scratch.

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