Children’s healthy food brand Timios partners with blockchain powered agritech platform TraceX technologies to provide end to end traceability for its made-to-order porridge range

This collaboration will enable complete traceability and transparency for Timios’ recently launched porridge range for babies and infants



Bangalore, 1st June 2021: Timios, a Bangalore based healthy food brand for children, has partnered with TraceX Technologies, a blockchain powered agritech platform, to provide end to end traceability for its recently launched Porridge range for babies.  Through this partnership with TraceX, Timios aims to provide complete product transparency for its Porridge range. From supply of raw materials and manufacturing, to dispatch and tracking of the product, customers can track and trace the journey of the product at every step. The information is directly extracted from the blockchain proving the provenance and providing credibility to the claims.

Timios Porridge range is a new category of “Made to Order” product that has been designed keeping in mind the nutritional needs of babies and has been manufactured in a ‘cleanroom processing unit’ with the finest ingredients ensuring highest quality of standards and hygiene. Timios is one among the first packaged food companies to introduce cleanroom processing for baby food. The cleanroom used for manufacturing the Porridge range is designed to maintain an extremely clean environment that filters dust, airborne organisms and vaporized particles to provide the most hygienic food products. Each product is processed only upon receiving the customer’s order.


Commenting on the partnership, Aswani Chaitanya, CEO and Co-Founder, Timios, said

Timios Porridge range was launched with a purpose of providing fresh, made-to-order, safe and high quality weaning food for babies. Right from procuring 100% organic raw materials, to processing it in a cleanroom, packaging and shipping, we follow exceptionally high quality standards for the porridge range.  We understand how important it is for parents today to know the journey of their baby’s food product. To answer questions on where, when and how the product was made, we decided to introduce Journey of the pack. Through our collaboration with TraceX, our customers can experience Journey of the pack i.e end to end visibility of the product. Customers can scan the unique QR Code on the pack to access all information related to the origin, processing, packaging and all the way to distribution. We at Timios believe innovation is critical and at the center of everything we do, enabling us to deliver the best and unique products for children”

Manu Bharadwaj, Vice President, Growth & Strategy, TraceX Technologies said “Where does our food come from? Where was it stored? How was it manufactured? These are some valid and important questions in the minds of a consumer. With growing health concerns, trust in the products we buy is becoming increasingly important. This is even more crucial when it comes to infant and baby food. Transparency and traceability are the two key aspects required to build trust among parents who are introducing packaged solid food to their children for the very first time. At TraceX, our mission is to create a connected food ecosystem that ensures a clean, transparent and traceable supply chain. We are happy to support Timios in their endeavour to offer enhanced traceability for their porridge range”

To know more about Timios’ journey of the pack visit – Journey of Timios ‘Made to Order’ porridge range or visit


About Timios

Timios, part of FirmRoots Pvt Ltd, is a packaged healthy snack brand for children. Founded by brother-sister duo, Aswani Chaitanya and Hima Bindu in 2016, Timios has a range of healthy food products designed for children. Timios products are age appropriate covering age ranges starting from 6 months to 12 years. (Babies, toddlers and schoolers). Timios is funded by MTR Foods Pvt Ltd,Mysore-based Rangsons Technologies LLP and Paipal Ventures LLP.

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About TraceX

TraceX is a next generation digital agriculture platform founded by Srivatsa Sreenivasarao and Anil Nadig. TraceX leverages Blockchain to connect multiple participants across the food and agri supply chain and help them securely exchange verifiable and auditable data leading to mutual trust, accountability, traceability and transparency amongst the participating actors.

Their solution enables farmers, producer organizations, aggregators, food processors, insurance providers, credit providers, logistics providers, buyers etc to exchange information with mutual trust via a permissioned blockchain digital ledger enabling each one to prove transparency, traceability and provenance of the claims. Farmers, Processors, Procurement folks use their multi-lingual mobile application and others use web-based applications to interact with the system.


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