CES 2020 Meet: LG Reveals New Framework for Advancing AI Technology


In a recent meeting of CES 2020, LG Electronics President and Chief Technology Officer Dr. I.P. Park showcased the future roadmap for Al Development with the title “Levels of Al Experience” Framework for the future of artificial intelligence (AI) development explaining the Future of AI and the Human Experience”. The conceptual framework aligns with the LG ThinQ brand and its ambitious vision to transform the daily experience by connecting all aspects of people’s lives with intelligent touchpoints.

While addressing the media at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Dr. Park said, amidst a wave of AI-related ideas and concepts, it is important to share a structured framework for the development of AI across the industry so that we may create a meaningful impact on the lives of customers we serve.

Dr. Park was joined on stage by fellow speaker Jean-François Gagné, co-founder and CEO of Element AI. Together, they discussed how the framework was developed and their responsibility as an industry when developing future technologies will play a transformative role and explained four levels of AI experience – Efficiency, Personalization, Reasoning, and Exploration – which are attached in significant jumps in technical capability and its application.
Efficiency, the first level, is where specific device and system functions can be automated through simple commands, which is currently possible with most voice recognition and AI-enabled products on the market today.

The next level is Personalization, AI-powered devices and services at this level can accumulate data from interactions with the environment and users.

The third level is Reasoning; AI at this level can better predict and promote positive outcomes for users.

Level four, Exploration, is “the ultimate destination for LG’s AI,” Using a concept called Experimental Learning based on the scientific method, AI-enabled systems will be able to develop new capabilities through forming and testing hypotheses to uncover new inferences, enabling them to learn and improve, adding more value to users’ lives.

Dr. Park also previewed compelling AI innovations that will be featured in LG’s massive exhibition at CES 2020, opening on January 7. Representing the company’s Anywhere is a home concept, the LG ThinQ Zone will bring to life The LG ThinQ Home experience with Smart Door, which verifies visitors with both facial recognition and vein authentication before unlocking. When exiting, you can use a screen on the inside of the door that displays useful information such as weather and traffic conditions. When set to depart mode, the Smart Door instructs LG ThinQ appliances to go into low power when all residents have left the house.

In the Connected Car Zone, LG will demonstrate a more personalized in-car experience that allows drivers and passengers to take a piece of home on the road with them. Inside the vehicle, there are OLED displays on which users can continue enjoying the TV programs and movies they started watching at home. The Personal Sound Zone delivers a unique multimedia experience for each rider while the voice-activated Virtual Personal Assistant isolates and recognizes voice commands even over loud music and conversations.

Another feature of LG is ThinQ Fit Collection Zone which will allow visitors to experience virtual fashion without having to step into a fitting room. It uses 3D cameras to accurately measure the user’s body to generate a realistic avatar for virtual fittings. The technology can use big data to offer style suggestions and links to platforms that allow for direct purchases of clothes.

Interestingly LG’s robotic solutions are here to impress attendees of the show with their culinary skills, efficiency and first-class hospitality at CLOi’s Table Zone, a futuristic restaurant where LG CLOi robots manage the entire operation from taking orders, cooking, serving and cleaning. Potential diners would make reservations remotely via the ThinQ app and browse the menu via a smart speaker, smart TV or smartphone. To experience all this and more visit LG’s CES booth #11100 in Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 7-10.

So you see LG has a lot of futuristic plans for its customers. LG is not new to the market. It’s home appliances TV, mobile phones, AC washing machines and a host of other items are making their way to the comfort of the homes of consumers. With a workforce of 70,000 LG is operating in 140 locations increasing the global sales to USD 54.4 billion.