CCT Solutions: Enhancing Customer Experience with Next-Generation Interaction Platforms

Contact Center

Contact Center

CCT Solutions is an omni-channel contact center solution provider and system integrator with the ability to provide unified handling of multiple customer interaction channels – voice, email, chat, SMS/text, IM, and social media – all integrated with one or more CRM or custom business applications. The company also provides the ability to blend outbound interactions like outbound calling campaigns, web callbacks, callbacks from voice queue, callbacks scheduled by agents, and outbound SMS campaigns. In addition to blended handling by agents, CCT´s ContactPro solution offers the ability to report on all customer interaction channels and to have that data merged with customer databases to identify trends and opportunities. The benefit to customers is that they have more flexibility to interact with the organizations they do business with and this makes them more satisfied.  

Another benefit to the end customer is that CRM integration enables the agent to handle customer interactions more efficiently by providing screen pops, customer journey, and pre-built response templates and that leads to the end customer getting what they need more quickly, which is the primary variable customers use to measure customer service. Agents also have the ability to incorporate a video stream and co-browsing / screen sharing to help improve communication effectiveness with the customer. Organizations benefit because they now have more flexibility in responding to customer requests and agents get more done in a day’s work and that helps the organization reduce agent costs, which represent the biggest cost in most contact centers. Organizations looking for an easy way to enhance their existing call center system investments by adding new interaction channels, blend outbound calling and callbacks, and integrated customer interactions with the CRM and business applications will find CCT’s ContactPro to be a great fit and easily cost justified. 


Implementing an End-To-End Approach 

CCT Solutions was founded in 2004 and in the first few years, the company was focused on implementing custom contact center, unified communications and omni-channel solutions and integrations for organizations. Over time, that expertise was leveraged to create CCT ContactPro, one of the most complete and feature-rich omni-channel solutions available in the market. After initially supporting email and web chat blended with inbound voice calls, CCT ContactPro added support for callbacks, SMS/text, and social media customer interactions. The most recent focus of ContactPro has been the automation of chat and text-based interactions via AI-based chatbots that have the ability to transfer context to a live agent if necessary, to prevent customers from having to re-enter information already provided. 


Extraordinary Leadership that Delivers Excellence  

Uwe Kreuter, CEO of CCT Solutions, has more than 25 years of experience in contact center and Unified Communications technologies, including management positions at companies such as Avaya and Cisco. He is a graduate engineer in communication engineering and studied in Wiesbaden, Germany. He advises numerous well-known companies in the field of strategy and technology for customer interaction management and has presented at numerous contact center conferences. Uwe has the vision for the ContactPro omni-channel suite and has led the team to create a solution that helps organizations dramatically increase customer satisfaction, agent efficiency, and profitability. 


Delivering Omni-Channel and Unified Communication Solutions 

Organizations that implement CCT ContactPro are able to dramatically increase customer satisfaction, agent efficiency, and profits. Sometimes a voice call is not possible and thus customers today want other options to contact the organizations they do business with. CCT ContactPro enables organizations to offer email, web chat, SMS/text, and social media as interaction channels and this flexibility increases customer satisfaction. Organizations using CCT ContactPro are also able to integrate their CRM and business applications to provide screen pops to help agents be more efficient. That efficiency also leads to customers getting what they want more quickly and this results in more satisfied customers. Integration with business applications for the logging of customer journey also allows organizations to better serve their customers as agents get a more complete view of the customer. This customer journey information also helps organizations to identify trends and opportunities. Moreover, detailed reporting of agent handling activities help organizations identify areas needing improvement. 

Reporting for multi-session handling of chat and email-based interactions presents a new set of reporting data that doesn’t exist for voice only call centers. In a voice call center, agents handle one call at a time and then move onto the next caller. With chat and email-based interactions, agents are usually working on multiple contacts simultaneously and it was challenging to make sure the company is collecting all of the appropriate time stamps to accurately calculate customer wait time, agent handle time, and customer response time. 

In times like COVID-19 where supporting a home workforce is critical, having a multi-channel enabled contact center is critical to organizational flexibility. One of the biggest challenges to enable work at home agents is the internet connection for some home offices is not suitable for a good quality voice connection for customer service. With a multi-channel enabled contact center, organizations could have those agents who have a bad voice connection be the ones handling emails, web chats, SMS/text and social media customer interactions. 


New Technologies Enable a Better Customer Service 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) with big data and knowledge bases allow for both voice and chat-based customer interactions to be either partially or completely automated. Voice call automation leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to allow callers to converse via normal speech and the textual translation of that speech is then fed into the AI engine. Chatbots don’t need the NLP layer as the customer entered text strings are just fed directly into the AI engine. Good AI engines allow non-technical users to quickly and easily create new AI rules and knowledge articles to be used by both automated voice and chat interactions so that the system is continuing to increase the automation success rate. However, critical to any automated customer interaction handling (voice or chat) is the option for customers to get to a live agent with a screen pop of the complete context of the interaction up to that point. This prevents customers from having to repeat information already provided, which is not only a waste of time for the customer but is also a waste of time for the agent. AI can also be used in real-time on top of live agent voice and chat interactions to supply the agent with relevant and pre-built response templates and information. This helps agents to be more efficient which also saves the customer time and makes them happier. CCT ContactPro offers its own AI integration partner, but integration with other AI platforms like IBM Watson and Google DialogFlow is possible. 


Innovating through Customer Relations and Key Partnership  

CCT Solutions prides itself on listening to its customers. Most of the company’s new feature development is done jointly with its customers to ensure the solutions provide exactly what the organizations are looking for. The engineering team has created a well-designed software architecture that allows for new feature development to occur rapidly and with high quality.  

CCT’s most strategic partnership is with Avaya, the leading contact center solution provider in the world. CCT has been an Avaya partner for over 15 years and has received numerous awards from them. CCT Solutions is often brought in by Avaya to help its customers solve very challenging integration requirements. 


Remarkable Business Recognition 

CCT Solutions was recognized as the Avaya 2019 Innovation Partner of the Year International and the 2015 Avaya Global DevConnect Partner of the Year. Avaya is the market leader in the contact center market with more agent seats than any other contact center system in the world. CCT ContactPro is a complementary add-on solution to Avaya contact center solutions and in recognition of that, Avaya carries CCT ContactPro parts on the Avaya parts list. CCT Solutions was also selected in 2017 by CIOReview as one of the 20 Most Promising Contact Center Technology Solution Providers. 


Envisioning the Future of Contact Center 

In the years ahead, CCT Solutions anticipates a stronger move towards cloud-based contact center applications. The company envisions a future where it operates its own cloud instance of its multi-tenant software with partners that is shared by many customers. For the voice component of the ContactPro omni-channel solution, integration with cloud Unified Communication and CPaaS providers like Twilio, Ring Central, Amazon, and Microsoft are planned while continuing to support Avaya customers with on-premise and cloud contact center systems. 

The evolution of NLP and AI to automate customer interactions will continue to evolve and be further integrated into the live agent workspace to provide the best of both worlds – live agents with AI-based automated responses assisting those agents on sensitive and complex tasks.  

CCT Solutions also sees customer journey analytics and big data playing a bigger role in identifying trends and finding new opportunities. For example, organizations want to query customer data to look for customers that have spent greater than $2,500 lifetime, but have had no interaction history in the last 12 months and then they want to feed those contacts into outbound voice, email, SMS, social media and postal mail marketing campaigns to re-connect with these customers.