CBZ Holdings Limited: Reinvigorating Economic Services through Diversified Financial Solutions

Business Leaders

CBZ Holdings Limited is a diversified Financial Services Group that offers a wide range of financial solutions aimed at meeting the needs of the broad client base. The company aims to provide first-class service to all its customers ranging from the youth, individuals, small to medium businesses and corporates. 

CBZ offers these financial products and services through a number of subsidiaries in the Group focusing on banking, insurance, investments and agrobusiness. The company has a wide branch network across Zimbabwe and offers its products and services through various digital platforms: CBZ Internet Banking, POS Machines and the company’s award-winning App CBZ Touch- an integrated app from where banking, insurance and wealth management converge and transform financial services into a lifestyle.  


An Inspiring Leader  

Dr Blessing Mudavanhu was appointed as the Group Chief Executive of CBZ Holdings in 2018. His key role in the business is in shaping changes and driving the business into the future. Blessing thinks that this is achieved through providing direction, inspiration, and guidance to the employees nurturing their strengths and talents, and building teams that are committed to achieving the company’s common goal.  

Throughout Blessing’s journey as a leader, he has learnt many lessons and keeps learning. One of the key experiences of Blessing’s life is that one gets the most when they always seek to foster teamwork and let individuals in their diversity to be a part of the solution. He believes that inspiring growth in others not only develop employees but has a ripple effect on the improvement of the company.  


Challenging the Evolving Need by Fulfilling the Customers Expectation 

Blessing tells that some of the challenges the Group continues to face is around how the company responds to the evolving needs of its customers and employees. CBZ also confronts how the company can create new revenue streams and optimize costs. This brings exciting opportunities as CBZ Holdings look at the future with optimism on providing solutions to these challenges.  


Building the Ability to Foresee What Lies Ahead 

Blessing opines that if an organization needs to grow, then it should have leaders who possess the ability to foresee and have a clear picture of what lies ahead. This visionary trait is the key to drive a successful business forward. He adds, apart from that, it is important for leaders to not be at their comfort zone doing things the way they have done for a long time, but to anticipate the differences and think how they can visualize themselves transforming the future for the business benefit. 


Making a Difference in Food Security 

CBZ recently collaborated with the Government of Zimbabwe in the contract farming initiative, which the company internally branded as CBZ Agro-Yield. The realization of how an entity of CBZ Holdings’ size could have the potential to make a difference in food security for the country was a huge challenge for them as well as a great opportunity. CBZ’ wide range of money transfer partnerships is also impacting positively on the nation’s foreign currency portfolio. 


Adapting to The New Industrial Revolution through Digitisation 

Blessing presumes that everyone is living in a dynamic world where change is happening not only in the financial services industry but in all sectors. He determines that people find themselves at the cusp of possibly a ‘new industrial revolution,’ which is technology-based. CBZ’s challenge is to ensure the company’s part of that momentum of change. CBZ is has already embarked on the journey to digitize its banking services which is bringing convenience to clients.  


The Future of Technology has Arrived 

The CBZ Group has great market share and its thrust going forward is to grow profitable alliances and partnerships, leverage on the company’s brand equity and exploit opportunities. CBZ has just upgraded the company’s core banking system in line with technological advancement to retain its competitive advantage. On a global scale, tackling cybercrime and adjusting to the introduction of big data and blockchain technology is likely to be the biggest challenges. At CBZ, the team acknowledges the challenges ahead and is excited to look at the future with optimism. 

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