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North African

Wrap your tastebuds around a traditional tagine or make your couscous sing with exotic flavours.
Traditionally used by North African nomads as portable ovens over charcoal braziers, tagines are made from glazed or unglazed clay.
The base is both a cooking and serving dish.


Northern dishes and recipes from Scandinavia and Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland.
From cured salmon to saffron-tinged sweets to Swedish meatballs, the cuisine of today’s Scandinavia tells the story of how some of the world’s most forward-thinking chefs are interpreting the Northern European landscape.


Mexican food is think hot quesadillas, piles of nachos and spicy beans and crunchy tacos.
From tacos and nachos to margaritas, get the most-delicious recipes to cook up our favorite Mexican fiesta foods for your next dinner or party.


Create your own traditional bento box or try homemade sushi with wasabi and Japanese rice.
Japanese bento boxes may have recently become a popular form of ‘packed lunch’ all over the world, but they actually have a rich and culturally significant history in Japan going back hundreds of years.


Enjoy traditional Italian dishes with classics such as lasagne, and regional specialities.
Despite the successful export of the “Italian restaurant,” the idea of a unified Italian cuisine is something many Italians reject. Instead, there are regional dishes, sometimes with tastes as different as you’d find between countries.


Colcannon is a favorite Irish recipe. Seriously, what is not to like, creamy mashed potatoes, fresh, crunchy curly kale, a bite of spring onions and lashings of butter.
The dish is the perfect accompaniment to many traditional Irish dishes, not least a hearty Irish stew.

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