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Electric vehicles

From China, a shot across Tesla’s bow. The car is packed (one piece, from the windscreen to the rear window) with futuristic glitz.

Include face- and emotion-recognition features, shape-shifting seats, a bumper-level external LED display and colour-changing lighting

Green Fuels

Six battlegrounds in the war on cars. Car ownership has skyrocketed, leading to widespread congestion and pollution.

Forcing a switch from diesel to natural gas. More sales tax for new car owners. One thing is clear: Cars are increasingly unwelcome.

Urban Mobility

Are walkers smarter than drivers?

DO YOU PREFER WALKING OR DRIVING? Your answer may suggest something about your education level, according to a new study.

A report published last month says metropolitan areas in the United States that were found to be more pedestrian-friendly, and their citizens were better educated.

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