Career Progression in Women: The Path Forward for the Industrial Ecosystem

Career Progression in Women

Career Progression in WomenIt has taken quite a long time for global industries to advance towards attaining gender equality. Organizations all over the world have been talking about gender balance for a long time now, but the progress has been exponentially slow. The #MeToo movement has definitely put some of the major problems in the limelight but has failed to minimize or completely eradicate the real challenges that women continue to face in their day-to-day lives. Women working in STEM roles, especially experience gender discrimination. For the global industry to grow, business leaders should focus on career progression among women. Career progression practices in organizations should aim toward removing potential barriers that will hinder their progress and enable them to feel more productive and engaged in daily operations. When organizations attract skilled employees, it is vital for them to encourage the progress of their employees.

Now, there are various ways through which companies can focus on promoting career progression among women employees. But firstly, let us dive in to understand the importance of career progression. Career progression is not just about the milestones and career migration, but it also is a practice of learning and growth which would provide employees with the skills to succeed in their long and short-term career goals. But this drive will not come naturally, especially for women employees. Companies have to take a step further and actively show interest in inaugurating training programs to gain a distinctive edge over industrial competitors. But to give an extra nudge to the working women, companies can take a step further with the help of the following initiatives.


Examine Organizational Progression Pipeline

Leaders should take their time to thoroughly examine their organization’s progression pipeline and succession planning. If the leaders of the company are oblivious to the challenges that their female employees are facing, it would be incredibly difficult for the executives to retain employees. They also have to analyze if there is an equal availability of opportunities that male and female employees are getting, which would enable them to move their way up the corporate ladder.


Introducing mentoring initiatives

Asking senior staff to mentor new and younger employees might create huge benefits. It not only unlocks talent but will also boost the confidence of the younger employees. Advice and a sympathetic ear, accompanied by a professional attitude might turn out to be a powerful combination in creating future business leaders. Generally, women employees are deterred from talking about the challenges they face at work with their peers, hence, finding a mentor who can guide them through difficult times and boost their leadership potential.


Focus on their Financial Growth

Recent surveys reveal career progression accompanies greater financial freedom. Financial growth means that the employees will be able to put away more money for themselves each month for emergencies. Besides, the gender pay gap still remains a reality. Women should be appreciated for their contributions and should not be afraid to negotiate for higher wages. Leaders should help them develop an investment strategy that is personalized to their individual plans and help them reap the benefits of having extra savings in their accounts.


Scrutinize all working practices

It is vital for all male and female working employees to strike a balance between their professional and personal lives to effectively manage their careers and excel in them. This will enable the employed to remain productive, engaged, and make a lasting impression to help their organizations excel. Reports have indicated that almost 72% of the employers wish that their companies should implement flexible working practices, which might also positively impact staff engagement.


Bottom Line

Career progression is a great way to achieve personal development. It would enable women employees to gain critical skills as they work to climb the ladder of their particular industry and benefit in every aspect of their lives. Most companies that promote career progression programs tend to excel faster. Improvements in corporate organizations like supportive executives and inclusive cultures might also help female employees gain an extra edge over their subordinates.


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