Can Casinos Ban You From Winning?

Several acts can get you booted out of a casino, but is “winning too much” part of it? While the idea might sound strange, wait to wave it off. You have probably heard of instances where casinos ban players for keeping a winning streak. Plus, it is very plausible; after all, casinos are private institutions aiming to maximize profit and not give money out.

This article addresses how Australian casinos treat consistent winners and can casinos ban you for winning too much. Stay put and keep reading.

Do Casinos Ban Consistent Winners?

A casino is a private institution, so it can ban its members at any time as long as it is for a valid reason. But what about being a consistent winner? Will having luck on your side get you on the casino’s wrong side? A brief answer is no, and the reason is quite simple.

Based on the legal and accepted rules, no online or land-based casinos can ban you for keeping a consistent winning streak. If you find the best Australian online casino and win a jackpot, the casino is obliged to pay you. The only exception would be when there is a glitch; even then, the casino must prove it. What’s more, casinos want patronage, and winning too much doesn’t stop that. Most times, the rumours of players banned by casino are often not because of excessive winnings or whatnot. When a casino boots off a player, it is because they had suspicions of foul play.

What Makes a Casino Ban Players?

Now that we know casinos won’t kick you off because of winning, what basis can a casino kick a player out? Here, we list all the reasons an online or physical casino will show a player the exit door.

Underage Gambling

There are specific gateways for physical and online casinos to prevent underage gambling. For instance, you would have to drop your credentials in online casinos. And in physical casinos, you have to tender an ID. However, if you bypass all the checks and the casino finds out later that you are underage, they will ban you.


It is no surprise that cheating is on this list. Cheating on casino grounds will get you banned. What’s more, there are better moves to make. In most cases, the cons outweigh the pros. The security in most casinos is tight, so it is easy to spot someone acting dodgy. Also, online casinos have AI technology implemented to spot a cheater.

Card Counting

In the broad sense, there is nothing illegal about card counting. However, some players exploit it for devious reasons. Most casinos frown at card counters, though it is not illegal for the most part. They are private enterprises, and it is within their right to say what they don’t want. That said, card counting might lead to a player getting kicked out, so take note!

Suspicious Betting Patterns

Suppose you place multiple low bets and score losses, then suddenly make a high bet and win; the casino will look into your gameplay. Although most times, this might be pure coincidence, it will still get the attention of the casino. And if the casino spots any foul play in how you play, they will kick you out and get you banned.

Breaking Casino Policies

Every casino has a set of rules that every player should follow. Put, breaking these rules means a breach of contract. Some rules are unique to casinos; hence, you must familiarize yourself with them so you don’t break them.

Using Betting Bots

The act of using Betting Bots is limited to online games. It is when gamblers use bots to place their bets. Although it is legal to use these bots, most casinos frown at their use as they can give an unfair advantage to users. The bots are adaptive, although not as great as the new peer-to-peer custom betting dapp from Bet2Bank bank. The bots learn every game and are capable of mimicking human actions. Using bots offer gamblers who use them an unfair edge. Moreover, it may be ethically dishonest on the other players’ part. That’s why online casinos frown on it and ban those who use it.

How to Prevent Casinos From Banning You?

When a casino bans you, you can no longer access their services. If you are caught within their premises, it might lead to law enforcement involvement. So how do you prevent casinos from banning you?

Respect Those Around You

Casinos are great places for entertainment. Some use the best software providers in Australia to get their players a top-notch experience. It would be best if you kept the environment fun and peaceful. If you are disrupting the peace of the casino by being rude and disrespectful, it might lead to the casino banning you. Casinos prefer to deal with honest players, not ones looking to take advantage of others.

Follow the Casino’s Rules

Every casino has its rules, and players must stick with them. If you adhere to all of the casino rules, online and physical, there would be no reason for the casino to ban you. But if it happens otherwise, know that the casinos won’t hesitate and you’ll get banned.

What to Do When You Get Banned?

Players’ attempts to find the best Australian online casino is daunting, and getting banned is a bitter pill. Perhaps it happened to ban you for winning; what next? You should know the next course of action to take. There are ways to walk around a ban.

●     Find out why. When a casino bans you, a solid first step is to find out why.

●     Contact the casino. If it is a physical casino, you can call them for a meeting. If it is an online casino, reach out to them through their customer support.

●     Make it right. Tender your case in front of the board and explain why they should let you back in. If it was a minor step out of the line, the casino might hear your plea and readmit you.

Bottom Line

Succinctly, you won’t get banned if you are a legitimate player on a winning streak as long as you do not cheat. However, if the winning streak was due to illegal means, the casino will not hesitate to have you kicked out. Hence, you must follow the casino’s rules to prevent the casino from kicking you out.

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