CallTower: Delivering Innovative, Future-Ready Unified Communications Solutions to Enterprises

Bret England CallTower Cloud Disruptive Technologies IndustryWired

Bret England CallTower Cloud Disruptive Technologies IndustryWired

CallTower, since its inception in 2002, has become a leading provider of cloud-based, enterprise-class Unified Communications solutions for growing organizations worldwide. The company provides, integrates, and supports industry-leading, cloud-based, Unified Communications, and Collaboration solutions. The solutions include Cisco® HCS, Webex Teams, Microsoft® Teams Direct Routing, Office 365, Enterprise Hosted Skype for Business, CT Cloud Voice, CT Cloud Boost, CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom and Cloud Contact Center for business customers.

With the evolution of the telecom industry, CallTower has grown into a hosted unified communications and collaboration solution provider, changing the way people communicate around the world. The company’s mission is to enable people to easily connect and get work done. The support and patronage of its customers get the CallTower team out of bed in the morning and inspire them to exceed expectations.


A Visionary Leader with Innovative Mindset

Bret England, the CEO and President of CallTower leads the company in delivering integrated best-of-breed communication solutions. He has more than 25 years of experience as a senior financial and operational manager and investor. Prior to CallTower, Bret worked in senior, domestic, and international, financial, and operational roles at Symantec, Informix, Alta Vista, Portal Software, NetManage, and JDA Software. He has also assisted several technology companies in various CXO and board positions and as an investor through England Consulting and Capital Group.

Bret started his career as a Certified Public Accountant working for KPMG and Deloitte & Touche. He has significant experience with all aspects of mergers and acquisitions and has been involved in over 50 transactions above US$2 billion. Bret holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Weber State University and a Master of Science from Golden Gate University. Moreover, he graduated from Stanford Business School’s Executive Education program.


Expanding Market with Customer-Centric Goals

CallTower focuses on finding and creating a unified communication and collaboration solution for its customers. The company does not try to find the right customers for its solution nor try to force prospects to make a single solution function in a dysfunctional environment. This idea permeates the company’s efforts to develop solutions as fulfilling the customers’ needs becomes its quest.

Moreover, CallTower listens to the needs of its customers and that drives its decisions when it comes to crafting solutions and acquiring the technology. It is also the guiding principle behind the company’s partnerships and the equipment it offers as a whole. Hence, CallTower manages to win its customers’ appreciation through the exhaustive efforts it puts into getting them the functionality to enable their communication.

Recently, CallTower partnered with C3 Integrated Solutions to deliver a voice and audio conferencing for Microsoft Teams within a GCC High environment for government contractors. This is something very few solution providers put effort into while creating a distinct attribute for the company to set it apart from others.


Developing Solutions of Tomorrow through Cloud

Bret believes that the Telecom industry is currently rife with disruption, and this implies that companies like CallTower need to strive to be ahead of the curve and deny any form of complacency. CallTower is always looking for the next piece of technology that can enhance the communication strategies of customers. The company was built on the idea that cloud was the future of internet telephony and that ideology helped it to become a pioneer of the cloud deployment initiative. Also, much of the company’s decisions and current solutions mirror that of those founding beliefs.


Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Bret is a firm advocate of ensuring the success of the customers through CallTower’s unparalleled solutions. Hence, for him, the biggest challenge the company faces are the ones that run the gamut along with their ever-evolving communication needs. To mitigate this challenge, CallTower constantly updates and enhances its offerings to match the demands and expectations. The company feels it is a satisfying but daunting endeavor.


Achieving the Honorary Milestones

CallTower continues its upward trajectory and has made it evident by featuring in Enterprise Networking Magazine’s “Top 10 Cisco Consulting/Service Companies 2019” The company was also recognized as one of the 30 Hottest Tech Companies to Watch in 2019 by CIO Bulletin.

It maintained its legacy by winning Microsoft “Top 100 CSP Growth Partner” fourth time in a row. Further, the company has received “Best 2019 Unified Communications Solutions Company” from US Business News and was bestowed with the “Next-Gen Solutions Provider Award” by Channel Partners.


Building A Roadmap for Connected Future

Speaking on the future, Bret remarks that companies are still in the early stages of transitioning to cloud-based unified communication solutions like Microsoft Teams and Cisco HCS, as well as comprehensive options like CallTower proprietary CT Cloud Voice solution. This transition is a new and challenging prospect for many companies, especially those facing the uncertainty of today’s market. However, he is confident that CallTower is committed to being the best option for companies to communicate and collaborate in a cloud environment.