Building backlinks enables brands to run successful content marketing campaigns

Building Backlinks

Building Backlinks

Nowadays, brands that actively build backlinks have an advantage in profitable content marketing campaigns. This long-yearned achievement is why numerous renowned companies’ success skyrocketed once they put together their marketing strategies. 

There are famous entrepreneurs who consider link-building a challenging aspect of SEO. They pay deep attention and choose only serious link-building firms that have already created an effective strategy for a broad clientele. 

If you want to make your business thrive or simply want to understand SEO, here are the basics every marketing enthusiast should know.


What link building has to do with Google 

If you own a business, you must understand that link building is the process that increases the authority of your business’ website. This, in turn, can lead to increased referral traffic, popularity and conversions. Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving, but, like every search engine, it relies on backlinks to determine which web pages rank for which keywords. 

Link building is one of the many tactics SEO uses because links indicate to the search engine that your website is a valuable resource worthy of citation, possibly helping it to rank higher. There’s a right and wrong way to do it whatsoever. Manipulative tactics, or black-hat SEO, use violative means like virus creators, computer hacking or unethically performed actions with computers to increase a page’s rank. These methods can get a page banned, so it’s best to avoid such malpractices.


Importance of Link Building for SEO

Google notes that a higher number of high-quality web pages that link to your website impacts how high your business ranks in SERP. Imagine you’re promoting house paint and you’re competing with another manufacturer. You’ve tossed and turned whether to contact a link building agency or cut on marketing expenses and save money. Whose website do you think will pop up higher, the one with a link-building agency behind its marketing or one that neglects its online reach?

This image is just for the power of example – it omits other important key factors to link building, like:

– The anchor text of the incoming links

– The content optimisation and SEO of your website

– The authority and trust of the linking page.


Popular Link Building Strategies 

In the past, link building focused on quantity, but today’s a different game. Copywriting, content writing and blogging are apparent means that gain traffic to your website, but there are other effective ways link builders do to achieve success, such as:


Use strategic guest blogging. 

The old technique of mass guest blogging only for links is dead. You don’t want your related articles that promote your business to be posted on a site that’s irrelevant to your niche and has no authority, only to get a backlink. The search engines are intelligent and can see you’re not guest blogging to add value. 


Distribute relevant infographics. 

Infographics are used by roughly 56% of companies, and 84% of them find them effective. They can be crucial to your marketing strategy, and they will continuously generate organic traffic to the articles that regard your company. Tap a graphic designer to make one for you if you have this kind of employee.


Participate in social media. 

Social media marketing can be a boon for your guest post efforts, as it has revolutionised marketing globally. Not being active on social media can be a massive disservice to your company. You can help internet users find your product by sharing updates, images and new posts. Becoming active can increase customer engagement, and it doesn’t matter if you’re new to social media.


Use resource links from reputable websites

Utilising resource links from reputable sites is an intelligent article technique, and a professional copy blogger can do that for you. This resource resembles a guide created for the target audience and can include renowned websites like Forbes, BBC, Statista, Entrepreneur, etc.


How companies invest in link-building services

A link-building agency specialises in directing traffic from authoritative websites to your company’s website or other digital assets. Specialists from spilled the truth: companies adhere to these services because a great website and UX aren’t enough to turn visitors into converters. 

Business owners ask such professionals for openness, initiative, and, most importantly, professionalism. CEOs need the support of a link-building agency to generate long-term organic traffic for their businesses’ websites. The hired company must acknowledge the services or products they sell, consider your opinions and create an individualised strategy. You’ll bring your touch of personalisation, and it’s only up to you to what extent you want to be involved in this project. The proper agency will be short in talk but show good results, and you determine for what period of time you want to use an agency’s services. 

Pay attention that these projects differ from pay-per-click (PPC), so don’t expect similar results! 



SEO’s been an all-time-favourite for a long time now, even though they’re both useful in their ways. SEO aims to improve your site’s organic rankings to appear higher when users search for relevant content. It is more effective in growing your online presence for a more extended period and local searches. Here are some features of SEO:

– It’s effective in building brand authority

– It can reach multiple funnel stages

– It’s stable and maximises long-term ROI 

– It requires patience to show results

– It requires expertise and high-level skills.

On the other hand, PPC helps you target specific keyword phrases and display ads promoting your business. Here’s a list of characteristics of PPC:

– It shows results promptly

– Paid ads become stale over time

– You can run two different ads at the same time

– You pay for every link a user clicks 

– When your budget runs out, so does your traffic. 



The website with its link was invented to help people worldwide develop ideas, increase knowledge, spread awareness, make profits and help businesses gain popularity. According to Google, if you can get external websites to link to your pages, your content has more chances of becoming more popular. 

Should you plan on a business, do yourself a favour and make it shine throughout competitors with the proper backlink-building strategy.


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