Boon for App Developers that Uses DALL-E 2 to Generate Images!

Boon-for-App-Developers-that-Uses-DALL-E-2-to-Generate-Images! (1)

Boon-for-App-Developers-that-Uses-DALL-E-2-to-Generate-Images! (1)

OpenAI released the DALL-E.2 API, creating new opportunities for modern app developers

A few weeks ago, OpenAI mentioned that its AI art generator DALL-E 2 is generating almost two million images per day. Basically, the algorithm is producing almost as many images daily as the entire collection of free images that are available in Unsplash. Similar algorithms are also emerging which are enabling tech artists to transform the creative and art industry for good. The system can generate weird, horrific, realistic, yet mind-altering images for artists that are also receiving several awards and accolades from global art competitions.

Quite recently, OpenAI launched the Dall.E-2 API which enables developers to integrate Dall.E directly into their applications and products. Companies such as Cala and Mixtiles print online photos on lightweight decorative tiles and have already implemented and tested the API for their specific use cases. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s new AI image generator is posing a tough competition to other AI image generators.

Coming to the launch of the API, reports claim that OpenAI will continue to iterate Dall.E. With the API in beta, the company will continue to improve the system’s efficiency and develop ways for the developers to take this technology and customize it for specific needs, applications and communities to scale the application further.

Releasing Dall.E’s API is yet another big move that OpenAI has conducted this year. To say the least about Dall.E 2, the system has become a part of the mainstream pop culture hype, garnering millions of views on social media on a regular basis. Even though there have been plenty of debates and controversies regarding applications like Dall.E replacing mainstream human artists, the creative revolution spurred by these applications are not going to slow down, anytime soon.


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