Boat Rub Rails: Where to Buy Them and How to Maintain Them

boat rub rails

boat rub railsProtect your boat from waves and atmospheric agents with the help of boat rub rails.

If you are looking for a professional solution to protect your boat from bumps and also from the bad consequences that exposure to waves and atmospheric agents can generate, boat rub rails are the right choice for you.

With this kind of accessory, you will have good protection for your boat and especially in situations where you have to face strong currents or strong winds. Boat rub rails in fact offer a lot of important advantages: Due to their different dimensions and sizes and material composition, this kind of tool prevents your boat from being damaged.


Boat Rub Rails made of PVC

A great solution for your luxury motorboat is boat rub rails made of PVC: They will ensure that your boat is kept in perfect condition. This kind of flexible and high-quality vinyl is able to care for your boat and we also offer these rub rails in a semi-rigid and rigid version. Tessilmare has been producing rub rails for boats of any kind of shape and size since 1947. Their PVC boat rub rails are patented and named Bino, Bumper, and Radial: They are a real economical alternative to the stainless-steel version of rub rails that Tessilmare offers in the same product catalog.


Boat Rub Rails made of stainless-steel

Are you looking for a high-quality solution that is able to protect your marine vessel and at the same time improve the overall aesthetics of your yacht?

Sphaera and Binox are the high-end boat rub rails tailored to the needs of Tessilmare’s customers. These products are made from the best possible quality: the elegant and resistant 316 L Stainless-steel.




Where to Buy the Boat Rub Rails

When it comes to the purchase of new boat rub rails, the best choice is to buy from a producer and Tessilmare has created a big network of professional distributors which is spread all around the world in order to guarantee the purchase of the boat rub rails from wherever you are. In the USA you can find MATE USA, a specialized branch of Tessilmare which makes it possible to ship their products around North America 24/7. And that’s not all: Tessilmare’s products are also available in Asia and in Australia.


Boat rub rails last longer with the proper maintenance

Rub rails are a great and important asset to protect your boat from the damages that may come from contact with other boats, piers, or docks. For this reason, it is of great importance that you do some refitting activities on the rub rails, as they do not resist forever. You can change the rub rails by yourself or by contacting experts of a refitting service company. For this reason, Tessilmare designs a rub rail that is easy to replace and install, so that it becomes easy for every user to do maintenance activities on it without any problems.


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