Best Financial Blogs for Small Businesses

Small business

Small businessWading into the waters of small business can be quite the thrill but at the same time, there are aspects of it which can induce fear. On one hand, being independent without having to answer to a single person is a massive benefit. On the other, trying to make sense of financial details is confusing enough to make anyone reconsider opening their own small business. Logically, there is no flaw in this conclusion – without the requisite finances and associated management, even highly-inspired small business operators will soon find themselves back in the ranks of traditionally employed people. Robert Kiyosaki, the Founder of Rich Global LLC, offered his opinion on this topic, “It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.

The good news for any small business operator is that the internet exists, and it is filled to the brim with financial blogs. The best of these will allow readers to gain insight and knowledge they will find critical to keeping their business operational. To help you identify a few of the better options out there, we’ve collected them for your consideration.


Small Business Trends

Ryan Rottman is the Co-Founder and CEO of OSDB, a brand offering a digital sports platform with the most extensive information on the web. He suggests this website as it focuses on modern developments in the world of small business.

“No matter what day of the week you wake up on, something has changed in the general business industry. This is just the nature of business, and small business especially – always changing. Chances are some of these changes have taken place that directly affect what you’re doing. This could be anything from legislation adjustments to product developments. Either way, these are big ticket changes. Obviously, you don’t want to fall behind on these types of things so give the blog Small Business Trends a consistent visit.”


Get Rich Slowly

Often, the best source of guidance is a person who has seen it all per se. Straight Up Growth is a business providing best-in-class growth to brands on Amazon. Their Co-Founder, Daniel Tejada, advises others to pay attention to a blog which has been in action for over fifteen years.

“Unfortunately for people interested in finding helpful information related to small business finance, the internet and the term fact are not synonymous with each other. Another way of saying this is you need to be careful what you read. Carefully vet the publications as well as the authors before a blog becomes a staple in your regular reading. Blogs such as Get Rich Slowly are a wonderful example of what to look for in a financial blog as they have built a reputation for clarity over the course of a decade plus of existence.”


The Balance

Hoist specializes in everything you need to start, grow and run your own home service business. Their CEO, John Jacob, considers this blog to be incredibly beneficial to small business owners who read it regularly.

“The truth is you can easily get lost in the depths of the internet trying to find the ‘perfect’ financial blog to elevate your money management skills. It seems like just about everyone has an opinion on what the most effective methods are for accomplishing this. Like with any subject, not every solution is a one-size fits all, especially when it comes to money. However, if there is one blog out there that addresses business of all kinds, it’s the balance. The categories are endless and within these are articles educational enough to be part of a college course.”


Small Business Bonfire

Brett Estep is the COO of Insured Nomads, a brand offering expertise in insurance, healthcare, and technology for those beyond borders. He cautions to avoid going the small business route without sage advice from small business

“Relying on a single source of information is like placing blind faith in the authors of that information to run your business. While this is probably an extreme example, there is some truth to it – varied opinions are far more valuable for problem solving than just about anything else. Small Business Bonfire uses this idea to their advantage as their blog contributors often work alongside small business owners or entrepreneurs to produce excellent content meant to aid other small business owners.”


Fundera by Nerdwallet

At face value, the speculation of a massive company may not appear applicable to a small business. Christina is a business-providing real estate investment firm. Their Chief Financial Officer, Vincent R. Chan, proposes withholding this notion until viewing fundera.

“A beautiful attribute is that there is something for everyone and everyone is trying to make something. This has resulted in more options for financial blogs for small businesses than a Google search can possibly display. On top of this initial result, the all-inclusive attribute of the internet lends itself to more than a few of the biggest financial companies introducing themselves to the playing field. On the surface, this might seem harmful to those in the know as it pertains to small business. But those big companies were once small companies and business theory can be applied in a vast manner.”


Guidant Financial

Diamond Mansion specializes in customized, handcrafted engagement rings. Their CEO and Founder, Omid Semino, believes a blog associated with a funding solution company could improve any person’s ability to manage small business finance.

“I feel that the people who know small business finance best are the people who evaluate an endless number of them for a living. Such is the case with Guidant Financial and their blog. They pride themselves on offering funding options for businesses regardless of what operations these startups are attempting to do from a product standpoint. In order to properly evaluate these businesses, the Guidant must have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the financial aspects which affect their clients. To me, these seem like the most informed writers of financial advice.”

Becoming overwhelmed with the wide selection of financial blogs for small businesses is understandable simply because there are arguably too many of them. Hopefully, the selection above can get you and a small business in gear financially. Financial advisor Dave Ramsey offered these words for small business owners, “Money… is like a beautiful thoroughbred horse – very powerful & always in action, but unless this horse is trained when very young, it will be an out-of-control & dangerous animal when it grows to maturity.”