BessTrade: Revitalizing Plastic Recycling Industry Through an Innovative Approach  


BessTrade is a worldwide trading company in the total range of polymers. BessTrade PVC Recycling has been active in the field of PVC recycling for more than 45 years now in the form of its founder Ivo Besselsen. The current BessTrade was founded in 2008 together with Huib van Gulik. The two are brothers-in-law and together they’ve put all their focus on the recycling of PVC. In the broad field of recycling, they decided it was best to focus on this polymer owing to its incredible capacities for mechanical recycling. Ivo had already travelled the world and Huib had many years of experience with eastern business due to his previous occupation working for a South-Korean multinational tech company. They used this experience to expand their network and were able to find a solution for all sorts of PVC waste. This network is now used to be able to offer the best prices for everyone involved with BessTrade and to ensure that every kilo of PVC waste finds a proper new life. 

The Dynamic Leaders 

Ivo is in the epitome of pro-active business. The moment he receives an interesting offer, he can already be on his way to that customer. He is filled with positive energy and combines this with his experience in the field. “Talk and Travel” is his motto to approach a new business opportunity. Ivo’s “can do” attitude is strengthened by Huib, who is more reactive and can be seen as the brains of the operation. They strengthen each other and together they have a yin and yang that keeps BessTrade above its competitors. This collaboration makes it possible to react very quickly to whatever comes in their way. Customers have started to appreciate the fast responses and the no-nonsense way of working with BessTrade. The best example of this would be the strict legislation involved with the recycling of PVC. Ivo hears of an opportunity, discusses this with Huib, who focusses on the legal possibilities and costs involved, and, within a very short time, Ivo can be on the other side of the world to shake hands on a great deal. 

Bringing Businesses Together to Deliver PVC Recycling Value  

A lot of PVC from Europe is still not being recycled properly. Either the cost of virgin plastics is too low in Europe or the costs of labour are too high to be able to do it economically. BessTrade focusses on finding all organizations around the world who have a need for this material. By bringing questions and demand together, they are able to add value all across the chain. Not only do European producers have a good outlet for their production waste, but a new user anywhere in the world has found the needed material for a lower price. Withmany years of experienceHuib and Ivo, have an incredibly broad network to ensure the best prices for everyone involved. 

Industry Focus & Partnership DriveInnovation 

There are many traders in the field of plastic recycling. BessTrade is unique in focusing only on PVC. Because of this, BessTrade knows literally everything going on in the industry and knows how to recycle all PVC waste. No matter the form, color, source or even contamination. The most important partnership is first of all with the organization that produces the waste. If you have something you consider waste, you want the materials to move immediately while knowing it is being recycled properly. BessTrade is no-nonsense, there is an agreement and they take direct action. The second partnership is with the customers who buy the material. The company prefers to have a continuous relationship to ensure that its customers have all the materials they need to ensure that there are enough resources to continue production at all time. Last but not least, it’s always important to keep the transporters happy. Due to shipping in high quantity to incredibly diverse countries, BessTrade has an amazing relationship with all companies it hires for transport. 

Challenges Emerge Over Time 

BessTrade started around the economic crisis of 2008 when everything seemed to go wrong economically. Yet this was a chance for the company, there will always be waste and there will always be companies who can and want to recycle this. A financial crisis is thus not a challenge, but an opportunity. However, European legislation remains a challenge sometimes. Rules are becoming stricter to keep out the illegal movement of polymers. BessTrade fully complies to all legislation and knows all the laws and rules. The company has always found a way and will find a good solution to get the scrap recycled in the most environment-friendly way. Another challenge is that BessTrade is expanding. They’ve just started investing in a revolutionary approach of recycling the most difficult kind of PVC waste. It is an exciting process, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Thankfully, they’ve also got a good team to keep the daily operations afloat while Huib and Ivo focus on this new step and the project is exactly will become clear soon once all the tests are completed. 

Feedback Makes Business Recognized 

BessTrade has always operated low key. The management needs no official recognition or standardized rewards for the activities it does as helping organizations and the environment can be its own reward. Feedback of clients is important though and, especially many long term, customers have stated to be very content. This creates a positive feedback loop where BessTrade has become known as a reliable partner. This is the best form of recognition that any reward or achievement from an outside organization or committee cannot compare to. 

The Future Ahead 

PVC is life, it is used in so many products that BessTrade can’t see it being replaced. The company is all concerned about the environment, so the usage of PVC is great. PVC can be easily recycled without material degradation. It always says that a cat has 9 lives, but PVC has more than a hundred. As long as PVC is being used, BessTrade will be there to recycle it.