Bengaluru Ranked Fifth in World with Second-Largest AI Talent Pool


Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and New Delhi in the list of AI sector

Good news to India. Bengaluru has been featured as one of the top five cities listed down by Harvard Business Review where the diversity is high in the AI sector. Diversity and inclusive pool of talent developing AI matters to the reviewers as AI developers are influenced by their own world views, which in turn guide them in their selection of applications, datasets, and training of algorithms. 

The data from the Fletcher school and Tufts university is derived and pitted against indicators such as talent pool, diversity of talent, investments, evolution of the country’s digital foundation or TIDE. The reviewers believe that the factors collectively give companies a way to prioritise their AI talent sourcing choices by scoring the different locations on the concentration, quality and diversity of AI talent pool. Top four cities are San Francisco, New York, Boston and Seattle respectively. Among the Indian cities, New Delhi ranks about 18th position and Hyderabad has earned 19th position in terms of diversity of AI talent whereas Mumbai ranks about 27th place. 

The reviewers of Harvard Business Review also noted that Bengaluru has ranked fifth position for diversity among AI workers as measured by the TIDE framework and also has the world’s second largest AI talent pool. The other significant feature is that Bengaluru is also among the cities on Harvard Business Review list of AI hotspots in the developing world. The other cities like Hyderabad, Jakarta, Lagos, Nairobi, Mexico City, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires. 

Reviewers believe the factors collectively give companies a way to prioritize their AI talent search choices by noting the different locations on the concentration, quality and diversity of the AI talent pool. Gunjan Krishna, industrial development commissioner and director of the Karnataka government’s industry and commerce department, told TNIE that she is delighted that Bengaluru is one of best cities in the world for AI and has the second most large pool of AI talent in the world. 

“The AI landscape is dynamic, especially in developing countries. We are leading the way for a future in innovation and technology. AI has become a key technology that emphasizes the quality of innovation as a critical success factor for technological competitiveness” she added. 

The Indian cities on the list are hiring three times as many AI workers as they were in 2017, and the growth rate matches and exceeds the U.S. Almost 30 percent of scientific research papers from India include female authors, doub;e the proportion of female authors in the U.S. and U.K.