B.O.R. Restoration: Redefining Disaster Restoration with High-Tech Thermal Drying Technique 

Disasters – both natural and human-made – not strike to the real world with prior notice. It is a serious disruption taking place any period of time that causes extensive human, material, economic or environmental loss. To address this challenge, disaster restoration is an emergency service for an individual or a group, saving lives and removing people from the disaster areas, and cleans up, restores and rebuilds structure again. Usually, restoration companies are the first responders of significant damages to a home from floods and fires, water damage, sewage backup and other major events. B.O.R. Restoration is one such company, making people’s property looks and feels like their home again. 

Best Option Restoration (BORestoration.com), commonly known as BOR, is a franchised business specializing in water, fire and mold remediation using state of the art thermal drying techniques. In addition to BOR’s core business, they have actively been training on and entering the Content Cleaning space, allowing their franchisees to scale their operations in record time. BOR has a sister brand which dominates the franchise bioremediation space, Bio-One Inc (BioOneInc.com.), while having over 100+ locations nationwide.  

BOR was born out of necessity and opportunity. Its sister brand Bio-One’s franchisees would cleanup a crime scene in a home and repairs frequently had to be made. For example, drywall would need replacement, baseboards would have to be placed back or fully replaced, the carpet would need to be patched or newly laid, etc. Rather than keep passing the work to other restoration companies to follow Bio-One, BOR has come out into the view. The two companies work well with one another yet still operate independently. The restoration space is a 300+ billion dollar a year industry and it made sense to jump into the home remediation space and dominate that as well.  

The Game Changer  

Nick-Anthony Zamucen is the Founder and CEO of BOR. He is also the founder of Bio-One Inc. and was the CEO of the company for seven years. Nick hired a management team to take his place at Bio-One so he could put his full efforts into BOR. He is a true serial entrepreneur in every sense of the word. He has the ability to look at a fragmented segment of the industry and turn it on its head. At Bio-One Inc., Nick created the space in franchising which had never been done. Creating a crime scene cleaning franchise, some thought it was impossible, but with over 100+ franchises, 50+ franchise industry awards including being on the list of the Franchise 500 and Inc. 1000, he clearly knows what he’s doing.  

Over at BOR, Nick has taken the traditional restoration space and again, improved it. He has implemented a thermal technology for water drying which only few in the industry have heard of or dared to try. This revolutionary method used by BOR franchisees has been changing not only the process, but also the expectations of homeowners throughout the country. Thermal drying is fast, efficient and clean, compared to all other methods of drying. It’s just a better science, therefore making it hands down a better solution to water remediation. Nick believes that with the change of technology, the industry will have to change with it and he will lead the effort by implementing and teaching thermal drying to his Best Option Restoration franchisees on day one. He preaches business is a game, and a game one must win. Staying ahead of the curve on technology is one way to gain an advantage and keep it.  

Catering Unique Customers’ Safety Solutions  

Due to all the BOR franchisees using thermal techniques to dry water losses, the homeowner is happy because there are fewer days of people walking in and out of their homes. Less equipment having to be placed and BOR is less of an interruption in their lives. The insurance companies who get billed for BOR’s service are happy, because their clients, the homeowners, are happy. BOR’s techniques, unrivaled customer and commitment to safety is quickly spreading throughout the franchise community. BOR is a company to keep an eye on. With their leadership team’s success track record, it was wise to take notice.  

Quality Offerings Drive Innovation and Partnership  

Being a franchised company the most important partnership BOR has, is its own franchisees. There is nothing more satisfying to its corporate structure than having not only successful franchisees, but ones that are fulfilled as well. Money’s great and the company all need that to live day to day, but having money and being fulfilled, that’s life-changing. BOR preaches  the path of helping others to help yourself and its franchisees do just that. The company is proud of the work they do for families in need and each franchisee has signed a firm commitment to leave the world better than they found it. 

Accelerating Future by Mitigating Challenges  

The biggest challenge BOR has had to deal with is the old guard. The other restoration companies, who don’t understand the thermal technologies, don’t like the process and basically want to status quo. BOR is not just another “Man with a Fan in a Van”. The company has highly skilled technology trained franchisees that are changing the face of the industry. The other restoration companies out there are using 50-year-old technology and while it works their way, it’s not efficient. If you plug a rotary phone in and dial a number, you will call someone, but no one does that. Technology has changed and the world is a better place because of it. BOR’s franchisees are the spearhead of the technology revolution in the industry and frankly, other companies are fearful of BOR. They are fearful and they should be. The days of these dinosaur companies are numbers. BOR is the future. 

The Path Ahead 

Best Option Restoration, the franchise, is only three years old. The company has the world in front of it and is extremely excited to be on the cutting edge of the restoration technology. BOR has made a commitment to be the “Best Option” for homeowners and insurance companies when water, fire and mold incidents occur. It’s not only the name; it’s its way of business. Best Option Restoration is the future of restoration franchises.