AUVESY: Offering Secure Solutions for Better Data Management in Industrial Automation  

AUVESY Inc is the North American headquarters for AUVESY GmbH, Germany. AUVESY Inc was founded in 2018 to customize its products and services to the North American market’s needs. 

AUVESY is the global market leader for data management systems and the company behind versiondog, the world’s leading version control & data management system for automated production.  

versiondog is a data management tool that helps users automate backups, control versions, document and detect unauthorized changes to the software running in their industrial plants and manufacturing facilities. This helps them manage their device and project data with greater clarity, reduce downtime from errors, security breaches, systems failures and natural disasters as well as document the who, what, where, when and why changes are being made in their facilities. 

Founded in 2007, AUVESY GmbH has more than 80 employees and is active in 45 countries. The company has mioversiondog-managed components in possession. It has done 1,500 installations so far. 

An Experienced Leadership 

Robert Glaser, the CTO of AUVESY, has been working since the company was set up in 2007. He began his career as a software developer and later became head of Research & Development. In 2018, Robert moved to the USA to setup the North American Headquarters. Having been with AUVESY since it was founded, Robert brings many years of product expertise and market knowledge to his new role. He is supported by Doug Campbell (System Architect), Jared Schuitema (System Engineer), Joel Purl (VP of Sales), Emma Baranowski (Chief Operating Officer) and Rich Sammarco (Sales Specialist). 

Setting New Standards of Data Management 

Setting the focus on IIoT, AUVESY comes up with different technologies. If it comes to increasing automation of production processes, the core technology which AUVESY provides is the change management of Machine Codes with its software versiondog. This OEM independent solution provides the possibility to be prepared while tracking changes, detecting threats and supplying strategies to react by providing a disaster recovery for automation devices. With “AUVESY Connect”, the company is setting new standards for the integration of new devices – “AUVESY Ready”, the certificate which proves the connectivity. If it comes to the different process levels, AUVESY “SAP Connect” will synchronize the different resources of information in a company to give one source of information for all processes. By connecting Hardware, Software and information with the automation solution center – the future platform, AUVESY sets new standards of Data Management and Change Management in automated production. 

Adding Business Value Through Big Data and AI 

Disruptive technologies like Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and more increase the availability of data, the knowledge of the own processes as well as the velocity and the connectivity in automation. With these technologies IT & OT are mixing up, solutions from IT find their way to improve the OT environment. Also, AUVESY launched an Image Service to secure IPCs and work stations not just in the OT, but also in the IT. 

Collecting and producing data with Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence adds the value in producing KPIs for the customers to enable them to have more insights into their own data which will make them more efficient and help increase their productivity. Also, AUVESY delivers more and more KPIs to the users of versiondog to give them insight into their production, e.g. with the factory floor status. 

Achieving Efficiency with Innovation 

According to Robert, AUVESY is the manufacturer of independent versiondog that can be used for any device type of any device manufacturer. Moreover, the company has partnerships with Siemens, Sick, 3S, Mitsubishi, Schneider Electric, Kuka, Cognex, etc. 

Overcoming Challenges with Product Customization 

For AUVESY, pushing its HQs in Germany to understand the North American market’s needs was very challenging, says Robert. So, the company finally customized versiondog to the North American market’s needs. 

Determining Success with Client Satisfaction 

For AUVESY, the biggest award is the satisfaction of its customers. This is tremendously high as approximately 95% of its 1500 customers have an Update & Support agreement in place. 

Some testimonies: 

“The fact that backups can not only be saved, but also compared with each other is an enormous help to us, especially during audits. The software is set up: all new projects are stored in versiondog as standard. I see no reason as to why we would ever do without this system again.” – Gilles Gaeng, Technical Manager of Maintenance & IT at thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems GmbH 

“With versiondog, we always know the current status of our production plants. versiondog makes our work easier, saves us time and gives us end-to-end clarity on what changes have been made. You can’t get better quality than that!” – Hassan El Haddad, Technical Automation Specialist at HTD, Tata Steel Europe 

versiondog is a well-rounded tool that has helped us simplify our work immensely. Functions such as version compare are even better than the solutions offered by individual device manufacturers. This is what makes versiondog so attractive!” – Thomas Ruppmann, department of electrical design at Andreas Stihl AG & Co. KG 

“We have made significant gains in certainty and quality when it comes to data availability in areas where many programmable logic controllers are in use. Implementing versiondog has put us on a new quality level.” – Jerónimo Ortolá Vidal, Automation engineer at the Industrial Controls and Safety systems Group of the Beams Department at CERN 

“These days we take our straightforward data management process for granted, but it wasn’t always like this. A few years ago, the USB stick was our main tool. We had a whole collection of them. But four years ago, when we got AUVESY’s versiondog, we decided to use the software for both data management and versioning. This meant we were able to introduce standardised central data storage, a fully automatic backup system (including backup of desired values), version management with detailed change detection, easily comprehensible documentation for quality management, and, as a result of clear user management, optimal coordination between members of staff. And with versiondog, it works as well in practice as it did in the plan.” – Michael Mrugalla, who works in process automation at the Mainz plant 

In our daily business, we appreciate the “Apple Effect”: Maintenance personnel on-site can take one look at the software and start using it straight away! – Emschergenossenschaft / Lippeverband 

The Future of IoT 

The IoT industry in the future will still face the same challenges: Data Security issues, Increase of connectivity and thus standardization and data analytics. All these issues are main targets for AUVESY which are perfectly answered right now with versiondog. In the future, the automation solution center will give users further instruments to answer the requirements which result from the IIoT environment. If it comes to Data management and Change Management in the automated production and thus in IIOT, AUVESY will be in the key position to provide customers with solutions.