Aurachain: Democratizing Application Development with an Innovative Low-Code Platform

Adela Wiener Aurachain Blockchain Disruptive Technologies IndustryWired

Adela Wiener Aurachain Blockchain Disruptive Technologies IndustryWired

Aurachain is the world’s first low-code development platform in the market for the rapid creation and deployment of both digital process applications and smart contract applications on blockchain networks.

The Zurich-based company was founded with the sole purpose of making it easier and faster for companies to build and launch innovative process applications. After all, the demand for more software and more automation is increasing. Meanwhile, traditional development methods are out of step, unable to meet the rising demand. So, one question is being asked, louder and louder:


“Why should it be so hard to make a software application?”

This rings true for business experts and IT specialists throughout many organizations.

Transformation initiatives are often slower than the business needs them to be, efficiency is down because teams are constantly having to adjust to unfit solutions, and those in senior roles don’t have the visibility and control they need to get the most out of operations.

Ultimately, the business just isn’t innovating as much as it needs and great ideas are potentially getting left behind – all the while, tactical solutions are popping up across the organization without proper IT governance.

Aurachain was established with the mission to help organizations quickly launch any type of process applications that scale and are adaptable in line with business needs.

However, the company is also aware that the applications people want to build are constantly changing. New technologies emerge and with them unravel new possibilities. People want to explore new possibilities in accessible ways. One technology in particular that struck Aurachain was having a huge amount of potential in the blockchain. So, the company built the only low-code automation platform for the development of both digital applications and self-executing smart contracts. Now, those great ideas that were constantly getting sidelined, can become reality and blockchain technology can be engaged in a simple and practical way.

What Aurachain set out to do was essentially modest: to make it easy for people to build applications that they want to build, to solve the problems that they want to solve.

What Aurachain actually accomplished is game-changing: providing an accessible and fully governed platform where business experts and IT specialists can contribute expertise in a streamlined workflow, engage and experiment with new technologies, and launch innovative solutions that deliver business value. Fast.


A Futuristic Leader

Adela Wiener is the CEO and Founder of Aurachain. She has committed her last 15 years to the development and global growth of the company. She has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a Ph.D. in Theory of Systems.

Adela is a turnaround entrepreneur who has managed the company through major strategy shifts by overseeing every facet of the company’s business operation including product roadmap and delivery, Finance, HR, and coordinating corporate business expansion in both emergent and high-growth markets with direct involvement in several strategic alliances.


Excelling with Innovation and Partnership 

In just 7 days, the Authority for the Digitization of Romania was able to leverage the capabilities of the Aurachain platform to successfully deliver, a national platform for the Romanian Government that reinvents the virtual relationship between the taxpayer and public institutions.

The solution was built using the Aurachain platform in the context-driven by the global Covid-19 pandemic, in order to serve as a bridge for the registration of applications for a job retention scheme that provides financial support to all Romanian citizens affected by the lockdown.

A key objective of is to streamline communication at the national level so that all public entities are enrolled in a digital system capable of responding to citizens’ requests in the shortest possible time.


Accelerating Blockchain Adoption

Aurachain helps users build smart contracts for execution on either Ethereum /Quorum or Hyperledger with the aim of making blockchain more practical and accessible for organizations that have an interest in exploring what smart contracts can do for them.

By combining low-code technology with blockchain, up to 95% of the code required to develop a smart contract is automated, and users are able to build applications through a number of familiar and intuitive functionalities such as data modeling and drag & drop; the build phase is simplified and deployment and is accelerated by as much as 80% for even the most complex processes.


Remarkable Awards and Recognitions

Aurachain was named as one of ‘the TOP 10 InsurTech Solution Providers’ by the Insurance CIO Outlook Magazine Advisory Board. The company was shortlisted for the Innovative Entrepreneurship in Blockchain in the Service, Platforms & Solution category Award at Blockchain Revolution Global. Aurachain won the ‘Innovation and Technology Leadership Award’ in 2019 by Aspen Leadership Awards. The company was also named as ‘Corporate Live Wire Innovation & Excellence’ for Blockchain Application Developers 2020.


Facing the International Market

When Aurachain decided to become international, the company had a group of very talented tech people who had a little understanding of international markets and sales. Consequently, the company operated on a trial and error basis with limited private capital.

It took the company four years of continuous international development efforts until the management started to see results. Those years were incredibly difficult and frustrating for Aurachain at times. Prior to this point, the company and its products had been built with a focus on Eastern and Central Europe. Aurachain faced the challenge of rethinking the product strategy, hiring and training new people in new locations, understanding cultural differences and different market approaches, and generating sales at the same time.

The company persevered and adapted the approach before landing its first international customer – a major Australian bank, who selected Aurachain out of several other companies. Aurachain was the only European vendor, and the entire project delivery was done from Romania, but in line with the Australian time zone, and it was a major success.


The Future Ahead

Aurachain is currently the only low-code platform on the market that enables organizations to rapidly build and deploy blockchain applications. There has been a lot of hype and interest in the blockchain space for a few years now and the company believes it’s inevitable that organizations around the world will turn to blockchain in order to solve both new and longstanding problems.

Aurachain strives to be the low-code platform that would allow its users to operationalize blockchain in a practical and accessible way, automating code creation and shortening development cycles from months to days. The company will sit at the intersection of low-code, blockchain, and AI, offering its clients a truly democratized approach to solution development that makes the most out of these powerful technologies.