Are You an MJ fan Too? This Robotic Shoe will Help You Walk at a Pace



Robotic shoe claims to be the ‘world’s fastest shoe’ and will increase your walking speed by 250x

Shift Robotics, the company founded by a team of Carnegie Mellon robotic engineers claim that they have created the ‘world’s fastest shoes!’ The Moonwalkers are a dorky-looking pair of show attachments that are supposed to increase your walking speed by over 250 percent. The robotic show is developed by Xunjie Zhang, the CEO, and founder of Shift Robotics. Moonwalkers are battery-powered sneakers that look a lot like stakes but are powered by artificial intelligence and robotics algorithms that help the wearers to walk normally without any hand control.

The creators say that Moonwalkers are not exactly skates, but they are shoes. Buyers cannot skate in them, instead, they can simply walk!

Based on claims by the company, the Moonwalkers are supposedly easy to use, with wearers having to just strap them onto their feet to enjoy a considerable boost in speed. Each pair of shoes feature a 300-watt electric motor that powered a set of eight polyurethane wheels. To make things work, the shoes have sensors attached to them that can track the user’s walking great while algorithms automatically adjust the power of the motors to match and synchronize each foot as they walk.

The shoes also have modes, lock, and shift that can only move when the buyers do, which means that the users can go up and down stairs, step into mass transit, and confidently wait at the crosswalk while the AI can automatically switch modes using its algorithm to adapt their walking speed, according to their environment. The company has also added that the Moonwalkers are safe to use in any terrain.


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