Apple Watch has a Promising Potential to Predict Stress Levels

Apple Watch has a promising potential to predict stress levels quite accurately using algorithms

The Apple Watch rules the watch market as it proved to be best among the users, while a large part of it is attributed to the watches’ OS Software. It can predict stress levels using the data points which could be integrated for predictive accuracy.

A report from MyHealthyApple claimed that the Apple watch is proven to be accurate with its measurements. According to a study conducted by the University of Waterloo, Canada, there is a correlation between the ECG data of the participants and stress levels at the time the readings were taken. Using this data, Machine learning algorithms are developed to create prediction models. This Stress model has a ‘high level of precision’ but poor recall. Additional health data such as sleep and activity information is also collected. The researchers hypothesize that the watch could be used to aid mental health care and detect silent heart diseases.

According to a team of researchers, the ECG sensor data from the Apple Watch can be utilized to create a reliable and effective stress prediction tool. The report claims that the stress model has a ‘high level of precision’ but ‘lower recall’. In Addition, since the watch is capable of collecting additional information regarding the user’s health, such as sleep and activity information, further data points can be conjoined to form stress levels with even more precision. The researchers also speculated that the Apple watch can be effectively used to aid mental health care. It can offer stress preventive exercises such as breathing and much more to eliminate stress signals. A recent study revealed that it can help detect silent heart diseases. Apple introduced an electrical heart rate sensor with an ECG app. It records heartbeat and rhythm and checks recording for atrial fibrillation which is a form of irregular rhythm. This feature is available on Series 5, 6, 7, 8, or Ultra along with Apple Watch Series 4.